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Need a First Aid Kit for Your Home? Find Out Everything You Must Know in Our Useful Guide Below!

Do you need a first aid kit that ensures you are always prepared for emergencies within the home? If so, be sure to check out our useful guide below, which gives you all the information you must know about your home first aid kit. So, be sure to read on to get the most from a home first aid kit.

What Is in a First Aid Kit?

A first aid kit can contain many first aid supplies, so a home first aid kit can look different for everybody. Of course, there are some essentials every first aid kit should have.

Common essentials you will find inside a first aid kit include adhesive bandages, pain medication, gauze, disinfectant, and plasters. So, before you start adding some extras to your first aid kit, please make sure you have these basics included in your home first aid kit.

What is a First Aid Kit Used for?

First aid kits are used to provide emergency medical treatment for minor injuries. They can provide some assistance for major injuries, but only until medical professionals arrive to deliver expert assistance.

Naturally, the first aid kit you use in your home will be different than a first aid kit you will find in the workplace. The first aid kit in your workplace might not be the same as the first aid kit you will find at another workplace since some workplaces can cause more specific injuries. For example, if you work in a children’s day care, your first aid kit will be filled with supplies to help you deal with cuts and scrapes. However, if you work in a factory where there is a danger for burns, then your first aid kit will contain more supplies to deal with burns.

What Should Be in a Home First Aid Kit?

There are several essentials that should be included in your home first aid kit. These supplies will help you to deal with certain emergencies that can occur inside and outside the home.

Essential supplies for your home first aid kit include: scissors, gloves, wound dressings, sterile wipes, triangular bandages, eye dressings, sterile saline solution, crepe bandages, burn cream, instant ice packs, heat packs, sterile tweezers, and plasters.

Of course, you can always add some additional first aid supplies to your home kit, it all depends on your specific requirements. However, the essentials mentioned above are usually enough to deal with emergencies. So, when you purchase a premade home first aid kit, be sure to check for these essentials before obtaining the kit.

Where Can You Buy a Good First Aid Kit?

Mentone Educational is the place to obtain your first aid kit since we are Australia’s leading supplier of medical equipment as well as first aid supplies. Professionals come to us for their first aid kits, but individuals can also find useful first aid kits that can be used in the home. So, check out our online range today and find your perfect home first aid kit.

How Often Do You Need to Replace Your First Aid Kit?

Replacing the entire first aid kit is often not necessary, but it is required to check the contents of your first aid kit regularly. Experts recommend checking your first aid kit at least once every three months; this to ensure there are enough supplies to deal with a possible emergency.

Many people also wonder if items such as plasters, dressings, and gauze can expire. The answer depends on the product in question. However, there are some general rules you could consider.

One of the reasons why your bandages and gauze can expire relates to the packaging being sterile. If your bandages and gauze are still within date, then the bandages and gauze will still be sterile. However, if the package has been damaged, bandages and gauze are no longer sterile. They are also not sterile if the expiry date has passed; therefore, it is important to check your supplies regularly and replace those that have gone out of date.

Plasters are trickier when it comes to the expiry date. Many people take the plasters out of the packaging and put them in the first aid kit. However, by doing so, the expiry date on the packet can no longer be referred to.

The problem with expired plasters comes down to the adhesive. The adhesive on the plaster can lose its strength after the expiry date, and plasters can also become non-sterile. So, if the plasters in your first aid kit are a little outdated, be sure to replace them with a first pack.

Do you have any further questions about the first aid kits available at Mentone Educational? Or do you need help creating a first aid kit? Get in touch with our team today for some help!