AED Trainers and Manikins

Mentone Educational is pleased to offer a wide range of AED training solutions. Our solutions include basic AED trainers by themselves  or packages which include a manikin and the trainer. 

What is an AED and Why do we need to use AED Trainers?

An AED or otherwise known as a defibrillator are critical cares tools which diagnose life threating cardiac situations and can be used to save lifes. An AED works by using defibrillaiton to shock the heart back into normal rythm. The accessability of AEDs has increased dramatically over recent years with one being common place in all sporting clubs, gyms, schools and ovcorse hospitals.

AED training is now a stnadard part of practice for most first aid courses to ensure that in a time of extreme pressure people have the adeqaute skills to be able to to deal with the situation.

Mentone Educational is pleased to stock Nasco and Zoll as AED training solutions which can be used along side most normal CPR Manikins. Contact us at Mentone Education to discuss with out product experts all your CPR and AED needs.