Anatomical Chart for Cancer

This chart defines Cancer and shows cancer incidence. It briefly describes the stages of cancer, risk factors, symptoms, and treatment. It is availabe in laminated - Printed on high-quality paper chart. Easily rolls up for portability. Understanding various kind of Cancer. Anatomical Chart describes various types of cancer and provides detailed visual examples. Printed on high-quality paper chart


Understanding Skin Cancer Chart

Understanding Skin Cancer Chart

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When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, it can be difficult to explain this diagnosis. The same applies to teachers trying to teach their students about cancer, because there are many things to take into consideration. The anatomical cancer charts available at Mentone Educational could help educate patients and students. For more information about our anatomical charts, please read the information below.

Does Mentone Educational Offer Charts about Colon Cancer?

One of the anatomical charts available at Mentone Educational relates to colon cancer. It contains clinically important information such as the anatomy of the colon and how cancer manifests in the colon.

The Anatomical Models about Colon Cancer and Charts are laminated on a UV-resistant paper. It is laminated on both sides too, so the quality of the chart is maintained with repeated use. An additional benefit is that the educator or medical professional can write on the chart with a non-permanent marker, which helps to explain certain aspects of colon cancer.

In addition to explaining more about the diagnosis and manifestation of colon cancer, the anatomical chart also explains more about the treatment of colon cancer. Therefore, this chart is a valuable addition to any medical practice or clinic.

Does Mentone Education Offer Charts about Skin Cancer?

Another chart available in our cancer charts catalogue is the anatomical skin cancer chart. The chart is especially designed for medical professionals. The goal of the anatomical skin cancer chart is explaining skin cancer to patients and their close family members.

The anatomical skin cancer chart covers crucial information related to skin cancer; this includes the causes of cancer and the different stages. It also provides a clearer picture of the anatomy of skin cancer.

In addition to covering causes, stages and anatomy, the anatomical skin cancer chart also provides information on skin cancer prevention. Therefore, the anatomical skin cancer chart can be a helpful aid for many nurses and general practitioners dealing with skin cancer patients on a regular basis.

Does Mentone Educational Provide General Cancer Charts?

The anatomical models and cancer charts provide general practitioners with an excellent aid to explain cancer to patients; this does not only include patients who have been diagnosed with the condition, but also patients who wish to learn more about cancer prevention. So, these types of charts can also be used in the clinics and doctor’s surgeries.

Does Mentone Educational Provide Other Tools and Aids Relating to Cancer?

Yes, Mentone Educational has a large catalogue filled with tools and aids relating to various types of cancer. In addition to our charts, medical professionals could also obtain aids such as cancer awareness packages, breast cancer educational packages, smoker’s lung models, displays and more.

Can I Speak to an Expert About the Aids Available for My Surgery or Clinic?

Mentone Educational aims to provide the best service to customers; this includes a personal approach to ensure every client finds the medical aid they need. Even though we specialise in aids for medical professionals, Mentone Educational also has products available for students and teachers.

If you wish to learn more about the cancer educational tools available at Mentone Educational, feel free to contact our team. Each category on our website has a dedicated team who is familiar with all the products and their benefits, so a member of our customer support service can certainly help you further.

Alternatively, customers can also visit Mentone Educational in person by visiting our showroom. During your visit, you can speak to one of our representatives and get more familiar with the aids and tools available to you.