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Check out our variety of flash cards on the human anatomy, health and wellness, diseases and countless more subjects. Offered with the highest level of detail. Flash cards are a great way to study, as well as offering a level of portability that charts and books do not. Its great for students and those who want to help their studies.


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The anatomical flash cards available at Mentone Educational could help students study for an anatomy exam. Our range includes several options, each suitable for a certain course. To get more familiar with the anatomical flash cards available at Mentone Educational, please read the information provided below.

Does Mentone Educational Offer Flash Cards about the Skeletal System?

Our skeletal system flash cards can teach medical students all about the skeletal system. One flash card pack includes a total of 303 learning cards, each measuring 75 x 105 millimetres. The entire pack contains a total of 558 illustrations of the human skeletal system, which could certainly help to master the anatomy of the skeletal system more quickly.

When you purchase one pack of skeletal system flash cards, you can also count on the following features: a realistic image of all the bones, a detailed view of each bone, important knowledge on the cards to make learning more effective and a high-quality print finish on each card.

Since the cards are organised and compact, they can easily be taken with you. Of course, there are other tools and aids at Mentone Educational that could be used to master the anatomy of the skeletal system; this includes anatomical models and charts. So, if you require additional aids to study, be sure to consider any of these additional options too.

Does Mentone Educational Offer General Anatomy Education Cards?

Yes, our set of anatomy education cards will be exactly what you need. The set contains all cards for GPI anatomical models, with the exclusion of the skin cancer disk set. The entire set counts 67 cards and has key callouts for each detailed illustration. Therefore, these flash cards could be an excellent option for a student who wants to get more familiar with human anatomy.

In addition to the set of anatomy education cards, students could also use our anatomy flash cards. One pack of anatomy flash cards contains 50 flash cards referring to the basic systems and structures of the human body.

Each of the cards in our anatomy flash card packs has a UV-coating; this means that the cards are less susceptible to sunlight and will not discolour consequently. It is the perfect durable option for a student who wants to use flash cards a lot during the exam period.

Does Mentone Educational Have Any Additional Aids for Other School Subjects?

Even though we specialise in charts, flash cards and anatomical models for medical professionals, we have a large selection of charts for other subjects too. In our catalogue containing charts for schools, you will find options such as art and design, astronomy and space, science, and much more.

Like other charts and posters available at Mentone Educational, our other charts and posters for schools are covered with a protective UV-coating and laminated for maximum durability. So, is does not matter what kind of chart you need as an educator, Mentone Educational always provides the best quality.

We do need to mention that our charts are not limited to educational aids for schools and medical professionals, because we also have some fitness charts. Fitness charts can be used by personal trainers, but they could also be used by gym trainers who want to inform their clients about exercise better.

Can I Talk to Someone About the Anatomical Charts or Other Charts at Mentone Educational?

Some of our aids and tools can be an important investment, so it is only natural for customers to have a question about our products. If you are left with any questions about a possible purchase, be sure to contact our team via telephone or email.