Flip Charts

Ideal for general practices and educational institutions, Mentone Educational offers a comprehensive selection of different series of flip charts covering various aspects of anatomy and a range of disorders. Delivering a complete overview of the subject matter, our flip charts are an accessible way to help laypeople better understand their own bodies.

Each of our anatomical flip charts offers an overview of a specific topic, combining basic anatomy coverage with the associated pathology. Large illustrations assist with understanding, making them ideal for working with people without medical training.

Assisting with patient and student education

Printed on UV coated card for use with dry-erase whiteboard markers, doctors and educators can easily annotate the various diagrams to help relate the general information to the individual’s specific circumstances or area of study. Their large size makes them useful for classroom and group learning scenarios. Their free-standing design makes them suitable for waiting rooms and other unsupervised areas, and each book folds flat for easy storage. 


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Ideal for student or patient education, these flip charts are suitable for the home, the school library, or doctors office. Browse our selection today and find one to match your syllabus or area of specialisation.

A comprehensive range of educational tools and medical equipment

Mentone Educational provides an extensive collection of hand-picked products suitable for use in teaching and healthcare settings across Australia. Working with a reliable supply chain, we provide a collection of high quality pieces priced competitively. Our store is an accessible way for individuals and organisations to access to superior equipment and educational materials, allowing more students and medical practitioners to benefit.

In our educational section, you will find a range of products designed for all ages and levels of expertise, from children’s anatomical charts to cutting-edge software allowing 3D inspection of various digital representations of organs, joints and systems in the body.

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