The Heart Models at Mentone Educational – Find Out What You Need to Know!

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:19 September 2018 

Mentone Educational provides educators and medical professionals with a wide range of anatomical heart models. Our range of anatomical heart models is used in various medical and educational settings, so it is no surprise that the anatomical heart models at Mentone Educational are bestsellers. If you wish to learn more about our anatomical heart models and their purpose, be sure to read the information provided by the Mentone Educational team below.

What Is a Heart Model?

A heart model from our range of anatomical heart models clearly display heart anatomy. It can provide a visual representation of structures such as the front heart wall, ventricles, heart chambers and more. Therefore, human heart models from Mentone Educational often find applications in the educational and medical world.

What Are Human Heart Models Used for?

Human heart models are used in both educational and medical settings. They are used by educators to explain the anatomy and functioning of the heart as well as medical professionals to provide patients with a detailed explanation of certain heart conditions.

Does Mentone Educational Provide a Human Heart Model of the Front Heart Wall?

Mentone Educational has several human heart models that give a clear representation of the front heart wall. Some of these human heart models are interactive, which means certain structures can be removed to get a clearer view on the heart’s anatomy.

Various human heart models at Mentone Educational can be used to explain the front heart wall, its anatomical structure, and function within the heart as an organ. Human heart models that provide an accurate overview of the heart include the “Anatomical Jumbo Heart Model” and the “Anatomical Model to Learn About the Human Heart”. Of course, there are more human heart models that provide an overview of the front heart wall, so be sure to check out the other options at Mentone Educational too.

Does Mentone Educational Provide Anatomy Models of the Heart’s Chambers and Valves?

The chamber and valves are vital structures of the heart, so it is only natural that many educators and medical professionals require an anatomical model that displays the chambers and valves clearly. Fortunately, anatomy models of the chambers and valves are easy to come by at Mentone Educational.

Since almost all anatomy models at Mentone Educational provide an accurate overview of the chambers and valves, customers will have no problems finding a decent model of the chambers and valves in our online catalogue. However, if you require some recommendations, the chambers and valves of the heart are properly represented on anatomy models such as the “Anatomical Jumbo Heart Model”, “Anatomical Model – Heart”, and “Anatomical Model – Heart Internal Structures”.

What Are Mentone Educational’s Best Anatomy Models of Heart Anatomy?

Mentone Educational has a diverse range of heart anatomy models, which are often used for patient education. Since patient education is important, a lot of detail is put in the creation of these heart anatomy models. While all heart anatomy models have their purpose, there are some heart anatomy models that are better than others for patient education.

One of our best models for patient education is our “New Style Anatomical Jumbo Heart Model”. With this model, accurate and efficient patient education is guaranteed, since this model can be assembled and disassembled for easier patient instruction. Of course, some of our non-interactive models could be amazing for patient education too.

Does Mentone Educational Have Life-Size Heart Models?

There are some life-size heart models at Mentone Educational. These life-size heart models are used for patient education as well as student instruction in secondary school, college, and university.

Customers who are looking for life-size heart models can easily determine the size of our heart models by looking at the product description. If a model is made on a scale, it will always be mentioned in the product description section. However, life-size heart models will have their size also mentioned in the product description.

What Other Anatomy Models Are Available at Mentone Educational?

Mentone Educational has one of the largest ranges of educational tools and medical equipment in Australia, so you can undoubtedly count on our range to find the tools and equipment you require.

In addition to heart anatomy models, our range also covers models of the brain, lungs, anthropology skulls, teeth, ears, eyes, lower limbs, and so much more. So, no matter which models you need to educate students or patients, you will find it at Mentone Educational.

Do you need more information about one of our models? Be sure to contact the Mentone Educational team via chat, telephone, or email. Want to see these models in person before you buy them? Do not hesitate to visit the Mentone Educational showroom, where you can view all models in person.