3D Printed Anatomical Replicas

Do you prefer 3D printed anatomical replicas over casts or reproductions? If so, then you could consider our 3D Printed Anatomical Replicas. To learn more about these 3D Printed Anatomical Replicas, be sure to read our information below!


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What Is a 3D Printed Anatomical Replica?

A 3D Printed Anatomical Replica is created by the Monash University Centre for Human Anatomy Education. The 3D Printed Anatomical Replica provides more anatomical accuracy than other models, making them extremely suitable for medical students, teachers and medical professionals.

3D Printed Anatomical Replicas are made through a combination of a CT-scan and 3D printing technology. Before their release, they were only available in a laboratory environment. Therefore, these are undoubtedly some of the most impressive models.

Does Mentone Educational Offer Any 3D Printed Anatomical Replica of the Head, Neck and Shoulders?

There are several 3D replicas of the head, neck and shoulders, but one 3D printed replica combines them all – the Anatomical Model of the Head, Neck and Shoulders with Angiosomes (MP1250).

The Anatomical Model of the Head, Neck and Shoulders with Angiosomes is a multipart 3D replica. Each of the parts included in this big model provides numerous views of superficial and deep structures, which makes this model suitable for patient education and demonstrations.

Does Mentone Educational Have Any 3D Printed Anatomical Replicas of the Abdominal Wall?

Another multipart 3D specimen in our catalogue is the Posterior Abdominal Wall Model, which provides an anatomical overview of the male posterior abdominal wall. It also includes the pelvic anatomy until the proximal thigh.

To ensure the muscular wall is quite visible for demonstrations, the parietal peritoneum has been removed from the posterior abdominal wall. By removing this part of the anatomy, the psoas, quadratus lumborum, transversus abdominus and iliacus are exposed.

Does Mentone Educational Have Any 3D Printed Anatomical Replicas of the Nervous System?

The nervous system can be a complex system to explain, which is where a 3D Anatomical Model of the Nervous System can help. The 3D Anatomical Model of the Nervous System (MP1400) is a 3D representation of the axial anatomy. It displays a deep dissection of the head, neck, axillae, thorax, abdomen and the gluteal areas. Therefore, this is a great model to demonstrate and educate about the nervous system.

Does Mentone Educational Have Any Upper Limb 3D Models?

If you require a 3D printed anatomical replica of an upper limb, we can recommend our Anatomical Upper Limb Model (MP1500), a 3D print which provides medical professionals and teachers with a 3D dissection of the left upper limb, stretching from the scapula to the hand.

To ensure the best 3D replica for demonstrations, the skin, superficial and deep fascia have been removed from most of this upper limb. For this model, the median cubital veins, cephalic and basilic veins have been preserved, but the model also gives an accurate overview of the deltoid, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and much more. Considering the high level of detail in the upper limb, it is certainly suitable for the training of numerous medical professionals.

What Other 3D Printed Anatomical Replicas Can I Find at Mentone Educational?

There are many other 3D printed anatomical replicas at Mentone Educational, which includes models of the biceps, hand, superficial muscles, circle of Willis, temporal bone, and so much more. So, there is a suitable 3D printed anatomical replica for any teacher, student or medical professional.

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