Key Ring, Tooth - Canine

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Rigid, 6cm long with 2.5cm ring



A keyring in the shape of a genuine canine tooth is interesting, but there are some anatomical dental models that can be used by veterinarians and veterinary students. If you want to know how these veterinary models could benefit you, be sure to read the information provided by Mentone Educational below.

What Can You Tell Me About the Lower Canine Model (ES11-2)?

Our Lower Canine Model is an anatomically accurate model of a lower canine tooth. Therefore, this model is ideal for dental anatomy studies.

We do need to mention that there are more canine tooth models available at Mentone Educational, which are part of a series. So, if you are a student or a professor at the vet university, you could use one of these dental sets to provide detailed presentations and demonstrations.

What Can You Tell Me About the Anatomical Feline Jaw Model (GPV9190)?

The Anatomy Feline Jaw Model is an accurate replica of a feline jaw. It shows eight dental pathologies on the left side of the jaw, while the normal teeth are displayed on the right side of the jaw.

To ensure students can easily identify the pathologies displayed by the Anatomical Feline Jaw Model, the model includes a key card. The key card mentions all the pathologies displayed on the Anatomical Feline Jaw Model; this includes the fractured canine, periodontal disease, tarter accumulation, plaque, gingivitis, worn incisors, retained deciduous tooth, missing premolar and the gingival recession.

The Anatomical Feline Jaw Model is a great way to familiarise students with feline teeth and pathologies, but our range contains other jaw models that could prove beneficial too. Therefore, be sure to weigh up all your options before deciding on a specific model.

What Can You Tell Me About the Anatomical Clear Feline Jaw Model (GPV9191)?

Another good model to demonstrate the feline dental anatomy is the Anatomical Clear Feline Jaw Model. Like the model we mentioned earlier, this model provides a clear overview of the dental anatomy of feline species.

To ensure easier demonstration, the model is made with hinges. The hinges allow you to open and close the model. It even allows you to separate some of the parts for easier demonstration and clarification.

Since this model is clear, you can also use it for a demonstration of the incisor, premolar and molar roots; this is often hidden in coloured models. Therefore, many veterinarians and teachers will find applications for this clear model in their classroom or practice.

What Can You Tell Me About the Anatomical Veterinary Education Cards (GPV8150)?

If you intend on purchasing multiple veterinary models, we can recommend having a look at our Anatomical Veterinary Education Cards too. The set contains a total of 17 cards, which provide a detailed overview of the anatomical structures shown on a model.

Our Veterinary Education Cards are most suitable for veterinary students, since it can help them memorise the anatomy of several species before their exam. Of course, the cards are also suitable for teachers, who want to give their students more insight in anatomical structures.

What Other Veterinary Models Are Available at Mentone Educational?

We have covered a lot of our dental models, but dental models are not the only anatomical models available at Mentone Educational. In addition to dental models, you can also find full skeletons, detailed bone replicas and much more.

Curious what other veterinary models are available at Mentone Educational? Head over to our main range by heading over to “anatomy models” and click on “veterinary models”. Then, you will be taken to a new page with all available models. We are sure you will find something to match your needs.

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