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Accurate readings at home or in the clinic. Mentone Educational provides an extensive range of analogue and digital blood pressure monitors sourced from some of the most reliable medical device manufacturers. Delivering exceptional precision and enhanced durability, our range is perfect for regular use in even the most challenging clinical environments.

Our collection is the ideal choice for any educator or practicing doctor looking for a high-quality blood pressure checker for use in their institution or clinic. Provided at a competitive price, we ensure that every professional can access a reliable, accurate sphygmomanometer – one of the most essential pieces of equipment for any medical professional. Take a look at our range below. 


Heart Sure Digital Blood Pressure Monitor BP100

Heart Sure Digital Blood Pressure Monitor BP100

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Omron HEM7121 Standard Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM7121 Standard Upper Arm Blood Pressure Mo

SKU: PE265

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Omron HEM7280T Full Auto Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM7280T Full Auto Blood Pressure Monitor

SKU: PE275

$243.00 ex GST
$267.30 inc GST

Omron HEM7600T Smart Elite+ Full Auto Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM7600T Smart Elite+ Full Auto Blood Pressu

SKU: PE279

$259.00 ex GST
$284.90 inc GST

Cuffs and Bladders

Cuffs and Bladders

SKU: PE030_

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$6.60 ex GST
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Auto Inflation Digital Sphygmomanometer

Auto Inflation Digital Sphygmomanometer

SKU: PE088

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Classroom Blood Pressure Set

Classroom Blood Pressure Set

SKU: PE002

$61.85 ex GST
$68.04 inc GST

Portable Aneroid Sphygmomanometer - Japanese Quality

Portable Aneroid Sphygmomanometer - Japanese Quali

SKU: PE001

$48.00 ex GST
$52.80 inc GST

Heart Sure Pulse Oximeter A320

Heart Sure Pulse Oximeter A320

SKU: PE282

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$90.00 inc GST

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Learn More About Personal Blood Pressure Monitors and Their Uses?

Blood pressure monitors are a common occurrence in medical environments, but they are not solely used there. In fact, an increasingly large number of people have a blood pressure monitor at home, enabling them to keep a close eye on their health. If you wish to learn more about this type of blood pressure monitor or want to learn more about our wide range of blood pressure monitors and their uses, be sure to read the information provided by the Mentone Educational team below.

What Is a Blood Pressure Monitor?

A blood pressure monitor is also known as a sphygmomanometer or a blood pressure meter, a device that measures your blood pressure. By using a blood pressure monitor, physicians and patients can get an accurate reading on their current blood pressure. If your blood pressure reads too high or too low, additional treatment may be recommended by a medical health professional.

How to Monitor Your Blood Pressure at Home?

Anyone who wants to keep an eye on their blood pressure from the convenience of their own home can do so with one of our wrist blood pressure monitors. Wrist blood pressure monitors are specifically designed to measure your blood pressure at home, so you do not require the assistance of a medical professional to use them.

Is a Home Blood Pressure Monitor Accurate?

Wrist blood pressure monitors can provide you with an accurate reading, although you must read through the instructions of the device in question carefully before using it. Wrist blood pressure monitors are sensitive to the body’s position, much like other blood pressure monitors. Therefore, an accurate reading can only be obtained if the monitor is used in the correct position.

Most wrist blood pressure monitors will come with their own set of instructions. However, if you need some additional information, do not hesitate to contact the Mentone Educational team for some advice.

Do Blood Pressure Monitors Wear Out?

Every device has a limited lifespan. Of course, the overall design and the quality of the materials can have a direct influence on how long a blood pressure monitor lasts.

In addition to wear and tear, customers must also consider that new blood pressure monitors are released on a yearly basis. Sometimes, these monitors come with technology that enables a quicker and more accurate reading, especially if your blood pressure monitor is quite old already. Therefore, considering an upgrade every couple of years is certainly a good idea.

How Does a Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Work?

The principle of the digital blood pressure monitor is quite similar those of other blood pressure monitors. The only difference is that the digital monitor will show your blood pressure on a screen, opposed to the classic analogue system.

Digital blood pressure monitors from our wide range of sphygmomanometers can be more convenient for some physicians and other medical professionals, since it enables them to save some time. However, most personal blood pressure monitors will have a digital function as well; this allows for easier reading and interpretation.

Of course, there are additional features that one should look out for in a good blood pressure monitor. One of these features is the automatic inflation, eliminating the need to manually inflate the cuff. Automatic inflation is also a feature that is appreciated and preferred by medical professionals, especially for nurses who measure the blood pressure of their patients several times a day.

Automatic inflation is also present is the so-called 24-hour blood pressure monitors. These monitors are used in patients who need their blood pressure taken over the course of 24-hours to eliminate or detect an underlying medical problem. All monitors of this type are equipped with automatic inflation. However, contrary to regular blood pressure monitors, the automatic inflation will happen every fifteen minutes or every hour; this depends on the settings chosen by the clinician.

How to Calibrate a Blood Pressure Monitor?

Since most physicians already know how to calibrate their blood pressure monitors, this section is solely meant for customers who intend on obtaining a personal blood pressure meter.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your blood pressure meter is calibrated correctly is by taking it to a medical professional, who can check its accuracy for you. If this is not an option, you can compare your blood pressure monitor against another source of blood pressure measurement; this ensures they match reasonably.

Can Students and Physicians Obtain Blood Pressure Monitors from Mentone Educational too?

Mentone Educational offers a wide range of monitors, suitable for every setting and application. In addition to our professional-quality units, our user-friendly automatic blood pressure monitors deliver exceptionally accurate readings in an easy-to-operate format.

Developed by Omron, an industry-leader in medical equipment, these units help you better understand your own health, delivering a range of convenient features including automatic hypertension indication, blood pressure readings history, and cuff wrapping assistance. Their simple, one-touch use operation makes them ideal for individuals who have been advised to keep a close watch on their blood pressure, such as those suffering from chronic kidney disease or thyroid disorders as well as those who live a sedentary lifestyle. Their simple, easy-to-read displays make them ideal for retirement homes or for individuals with poor eyesight.

Mentone Educational offers a wide range of teaching materials for all levels of medical education, from primary level to medical school. Working closely with some of the most reliable and efficient suppliers, we are able to offer doctors, students and educators a wide range of high-quality equipment and teaching resources at a competitive price, putting the very best within everyone’s reach.