Physiology Equipment

Physiology equipment for a classroom or clinic is an essential for medical professionals and students. Many medical professionals, teachers and students acquire their physiology equipment from Mentone Educational, since the equipment we offer is unmatched in quality and functionality. Want to learn more about the available physiology equipment at Mentone Educational? Find out in our overview below!


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What Can You Tell Me About Your Blood Pressure Equipment?

Our blood pressure equipment contains suitable equipment for medical professionals but also for students. We have classroom blood pressure sets, but also digital and auto-inflation sphygmomanometers. Therefore, our catalogue is suitable for everyone from medical professionals and teachers to physiology students.

The blood pressure equipment available in our catalogue is developed by Omron; this is the number one supplier of medical equipment. Omron is constantly innovating, making their equipment more effective. So, choosing Omron blood pressure equipment at Mentone Educational is certainly a good idea.

What Can You Tell Me About Bodyfat Measurement Equipment?

With obesity becoming a worldwide problem, bodyfat measurement equipment can be used for many different applications in doctor surgeries, dietician offices and nutritionist practices.

Bodyfat measuring equipment is recognised as a superior method to measure weight loss, which means it could provide more information than a regular weight scale. It also gives the patient in question an immediate overview of his or her body health. Therefore, the bodyfat measurement equipment is indispensable for many medical professionals.

What Can You Tell Me About Dynamometers?

Our dynamometers are engineered to measure any mechanical force and power with great accuracy. Forces and power are measured by a transmission, which is delivered by a rotating shaft.

Dynamometers are commonly used in the engineering world to measure the output of an engine for example, but they are also used in the medical world to measure the strength and power of a certain body part. For example, with a hand dynamometer, doctors can measure the strength a patient has in the hand.

Of course, there are suitable dynamometers to measure the strength and power in various body parts. Therefore, the applications for physiologists and their patients are endless.

What Can You Tell Me About the Fitness Tests Available at Mentone Educational?

Fitness tests are often used to evaluate a patient’s health and skill. Therefore, fitness tests are certainly needed in numerous health professions. At Mentone Educational, you can find multi-stage fitness tests, getting in shape tests, stretching books and much more. So, there are suitable choices for individuals as well as medical professionals.

What Can You Tell Me About the Skinfold Calliper Catalogue?

Skinfold Callipers are commonly used by dieticians, nutritionists and general practitioners. Callipers are used to measure body fat, so like our bodyfat measurement equipment, they can provide an estimate of the patient’s overall fitness and the amount of excess fat they have.

The skinfold callipers are suitable for medical professionals, but also for individuals who want to keep track of their body fat during a weight loss journey. So, it is no surprise that skinfold callipers are some of the most popular physiology products in the catalogue.

What Other Physiology Equipment Is Available at Mentone Educational?

We only touched the surface of the physiology equipment we have available. In addition to what me mentioned above, we also provide physiology books, flexibility, goniometers, height measurement equipment, spirometers, stopwatches, measurement tapes, weight scales, thermometers, general measuring equipment, and much more.

Do you have a question about our physiology equipment? Or are you looking for specific equipment, but could not find it in our range? Feel free to contact our team of representatives for more information.