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Medical professionals can acquire their equipment and anatomical models at Mentone Educational, but schools can also acquire equipment that could be used to teach students about certain subjects. If you represent a school and wish to learn more about our school resources, be sure to read the information provided by Mentone Educational below!


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Does Mentone Educational Offer Solar System Resources?

The solar system is a much-discussed subject in schools. Fortunately, teachers can count on numerous models of the solar system available at Mentone Educational; this includes models such as the Orbiter, Exploring the Earth Moon System (Teacher’s Guide) and the Solar System Simulator.

Each solar system model available at Mentone Education provides a three-dimensional overview of a certain aspect of the solar system. For example, the Solar System Simulator provides a three-dimensional view of the sun, the planets, their positions and orbit; this makes the learning experience a bit more visual for students.

Does Mentone Educational Offer Geology Resources?

Geology can be a subject that interests many young students, so acquiring some additional geology resources could certainly contribute to the school experience of the young minds you are teaching. Mentone Educational offers several geology resources; this includes the Basic Rock Collection.

The Basic Rock Collection gives young students an introduction to various types of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. It contains specimens, with the smallest one measuring 7.65 centimetres and the biggest one 45.72 centimetres. It also contains cardstocks, which explain the differences between each rock.

Does Mentone Educational Offer Any Biology Resources?

Biology can be a difficult subject to get your students excited about, but it does become a little easier with some of the biology resources available at Mentone Educational.

One excellent example of the biology resources available at Mentone Educational is the 3D Model of an Animal Cell. With this three-dimensional model, students can explore the structures within the animal cell, while the teacher receives accompanying information for his lesson.

Another great option from our biology resources is the 3D Model of a Plant & Animal Activity Set (AE2057). With this model, students can explore the structures of both plant and animal cells. They can also compare them to each other, which gives them a much more comprehensible demonstration than cells on paper!

Does Mentone Educational Offer Any Resources on Renewable Energy Sources?

Knowledge on renewable energy sources is becoming increasingly more important, so many teachers are looking for some visuals to explain renewable and non-renewable resources.

One of the options teachers have at Mentone Educational is the Non-Renewable Resources Chart. With this chart, teachers can show students where ores and fossil fuels are mined. They can also explain how these resources cannot replenish naturally during a normal human’s lifespan.

The Non-Renewable Resources Chart complements our Renewable Resources Chart. With the Renewable Resources Chart, students can explore renewable resources across the world. They can also compare it to the Non-Renewable Resources Chart and see the impact on the main countries producing Non-Renewable Resources.

What Other School Resources Are Available at Mentone Educational?

We have covered some of the most popular school resources today, but there are many others waiting to be discovered. At Mentone Educational, teachers can find resources for all courses, whether they teach in primary or secondary school.

If you represent a school interested in obtaining multiple resources for classrooms, we recommend contacting Mentone Educational to discover all your options. School representatives can contact Mentone Educational via telephone, live chat, or email. You can also visit our showroom, where you can speak to one of our representatives face-to-face, and discover our range of school resources in person.