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At Mentone Educational, customers can find different brands providing physiology equipment; this includes blood pressure meters, stethoscopes and much more. One of the brands that delivers physiology equipment for Mentone Educational is the American Diagnostics Corporation. Want to learn more about the physiology equipment available at the American Diagnostics Corporations? Please read on for more information!


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What Is the Clinical Stethoscope – Adscope 603?

The Clinical Stethoscope – Adscope 603 is one of the most popular acoustic stethoscopes in our range. The main benefits of this stethoscope from the American Diagnostics Corporation are durability and AFD technology!

One of the American Diagnostics Adscope 603 Clinical Stethoscopes is the perfect combination of performance, durability and ADF technology. It features a diaphragm/bell adult chest piece, which is specifically designed for increased performance in busy environments.

Thanks to special ADF technology used in this clinical stethoscope, the American Diagnostics Corporation has made sure there is an enhancement in acoustic performance. While most acoustic stethoscopes are not as suitable for noisy environments, the enhancement in the acoustics of this stethoscope makes it suitable for noisier environments such as a hospital.

What Is the Ultralite Clinical Stethoscope -Adscope 609?

The Ultralite Clinical Stethoscope from the American Diagnostics Corporation is one of the most affordable stethoscopes in our range. However, this does not mean that the stethoscope compromises on quality, because this stethoscope is suitable for a wide range of medical professionals.

An Ultralite Clinical Stethoscope is a lightweight stethoscope, making this stethoscope from the American Diagnostics Corporation suitable for professionals who tend to be on their feet for many hours at a time and need to wear their stethoscope around their neck. The stethoscope also features special silicone ear tips, providing better wearing comfort and a special acoustic seal to isolate sounds in noisier environments.

What Is the Platinum Clinical Stethoscope – Adscope 615?

The Platinum Clinical Stethoscope from the American Diagnostic Corporation is one of the finest stethoscopes in our range, suitable for a wide range of medical professionals. The clinical stethoscope also comes with a lifetime warranty for all its parts, so this stethoscope is certainly a worthy investment.

In addition to great functionality, the Platinum Clinical Stethoscope is made for optimal comfort. The stethoscope features the characteristic Adsoft™ Plus Silicon Ear Tips, which are a lot more comfortable for prolonged wear. The stethoscope also comes with a kit that contains two spare pairs of these ear tips, just in case replacements are needed over time.

What Is the Nurses Sprague Stethoscope – Adscope 647?

The American Diagnostics Corporation also creates stethoscopes for specific medical professionals; this includes nurses. One stethoscope pair that is specifically designed for nurses is the Nurses Sprague Stethoscope – Adscope 647.

Our Nurses Sprague Stethoscope – Adscope 647 is characterised by a lightweight and a single tube design; this combination allows for additional comfort and convenience on the job. It features a threaded chest piece drum, which allows the nurse using it to use a total of five interchangeable chest piece fittings.

With a weight of only 161.5 grams, the Nurses Sprague Stethoscope is certainly a good stethoscope for nurses working long hours in the hospital. Since this stethoscope also contains a proprietary valve mechanism to eliminate acoustic leakage, it is suitable for use in a noisy hospital environment.

Where Can I Find More Physiology Equipment from the American Diagnostics Corporation?

Do you value the quality the American Diagnostics Corporation can deliver? Looking for more physiology equipment from this company? To get a full overview of the physiology equipment offered by this company, please head over to the brands section on the main menu and select “American Diagnostics Company”.