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As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of medical equipment, anatomical models and teaching tools, Mentone Educational stocks some of the world’s leading medical equipment and teaching tool brands. One of these brands is the American Educational Products company, which provides us with teaching tools for schools and classrooms. Do you wish to learn more about this brand and its products? Please read the information provided by Mentone Educational below.


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What Is the Orbiter?

The Orbiter is an educational tool that effectively displays phenomena such as daylight, night, seasons and moon phases. It demonstrates how the earth revolves around the sun thanks to its gear-driven structure.

Our Orbiter Model has an arm of 38.01 cm, a sun of 15.24 cm, earth of 10.16 cm and a moon of 2.54 cm; this provides teachers with a teaching tool that makes demonstration a little easier. The set also includes a study guide, which helps teachers determine how to incorporate this teaching tool in their lessons.

What Is the Exploring the Earth Moon System – Teachers Guide?

The Earth Moon System – Teachers Guide is a kit that contains numerous teaching tools that can be used to inform students about the earth, moon and the sun. It gives the teacher everything needed to explain orbits, but also topics such as day, night and the seasons.

In addition to the Orbiter, which has been described in the previous section, the Earth Moon System – Teachers Guide also contains a Microslide® Viewer, hands-on experiments and extensive activities suitable from grade 4 and up.

What Is the Solar System Simulator?

The Solar System Simulator is a full three-dimensional model of the sun in our solar system, but also the eight planets revolving around the sun. The model enables teachers to demonstrate orbits and how the planets revolve around the sun. It also enables them to clarify the position of different plants and the effects the distance from the sun has on those planets.

What Is the 3D Model of an Animal Cell?

Animal cells are fascinating, but also complicated. Therefore, it could help to have a more tangible representation of the animal cell for educational purposes. Fortunately, this is exactly the thing that the 3D Model of an Animal Cell is made for.

The 3D Model of an Animal Cell from American Educational Products displays key animal cell structures and has a diameter of 20.32 cm. The set also includes background information and basic understanding for the 3D Model of an Animal Cell. When you obtain this set for the classroom, you will also receive a 3D Model of the plant cell, which can also be used in your lesson plan.

What Is the Bio2 Inflatable Plant Cell?

Our Bio2 Inflatable Plant Cell from American Educational Products is an accurate translucent representation of a plant cell. The representation measures 30.48 cm x 20.32 cm x 40.64 cm, which is a decent size for demonstrations and presentations in the classroom.

When you choose the Bio2 Inflatable Plant Cell for your classroom, you will have a detailed overview of structures such as the nuclear membrane, cell wall, chromosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, chloroplast, large central vacuole, mitochondria and ribosomes. There are also printed questions on the back of the model, so this model is certainly ideal for biology classes for grade 6 and up.

Where Can I Find More Educational Tools from American Educational Products?

At Mentone Educational, schools and teachers can find countless other educational tools from the American Educational Products brand. To discover these educational tools, please head over to brands on the main menu and select “American Educational Products” from the dropdown menu.