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American Educational Products produces many quality educational tools for classrooms. These models are suitable for colleges and university, but also for secondary schools. If you wish to learn more about the educational tools available at Mentone Educational from the American Educational Products brand, please read the information provided by our team below.


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What Is the Bio2 Inflatable Animal Cell?

The Bio2 Inflatable Animal Cell is a colourful representation of the animal cell, measuring a large 60.96 cm. This model is created to introduce students to the various components of the animal cell. Therefore, this Bio2 Inflatable Animal Cell is suitable for grade 6 and over.

When you choose the Bio2 Inflatable Animal Cell for your classroom, you will have an accurate representation of some of the smaller structures in the animal cell; this includes the nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, ribosomes, Golgi apparatus and centrioles. It also contains some questions on the back, which could have numerous applications for your lesson plan. 

What Is the Economy Mineral Study Kit?

The study of minerals is a common part of the lesson plan of children in grade 4 or over. If you are looking for a teaching aid that could add a little more substance to this part of the lesson plan, you could consider acquiring the Economy Mineral Study Kit for your classroom.

Our Economy Mineral Study Kid contains fifteen common minerals, which can be identified and observed by students. The kit enables students to do more than that though, because the Economy Mineral Study Kit enables them to study the physical properties of these minerals in more detail too.

In addition to the fifteen common minerals included in this study kit, teachers will also receive an activity guide, magnifying glass, streak plate and nail. So, as soon as you receive this kit for your classroom, you will find numerous applications for it.

What Is the Mounted Hardness Collection?

The Mounted Hardness Collection from American Educational Products is another kit that could be used to educate students about various minerals. The educational tool is mounted on a cardstock, measuring 51.27 cm x 18.09 cm; this enables teachers to display the Mounted Hardness Collection in their classroom for easy reference and demonstrations.

On the Mounted Hardness Collection Cardstock, students will find an overview of mineral specimens. The mineral specimens are displayed from softest to hardest, but it also contains indicators on the card which tell students what could affect the surface of the specimens displayed. Therefore, the Mounted Hardness Collection is a must-have for many classrooms.

What Is the Investigating Non-Renewable Resources Chart?

The Investigating Non-Renewable Resources Chart is a great manner to educate students about non-renewable energy sources and their impact on the environment. The chart is colourful, delivering a clear illustration of available sources and related products.

Teachers who want to teach their students about renewable energy sources should also consider the Investigating Renewable Resources Chart, which displays the renewable resources on our planet. You could also hang this chart right next to the non-renewable resources chart for comparison.

Where Can I Find Other American Educational Products for the Classroom?

Mentone Educational has a large range of American Educational Products for classrooms; this does not only include the items we have mentioned earlier, but also additional teaching aids such as solar system models, plant cells, globes, natural energy kits and more.

To get a full overview of the products available from the American Educational Products brand, please hover over brands on the main menu and select “American Educational Products” from the dropdown menu.