Anatomical Chart Company

At Mentone Educational, teachers and medical professionals can find numerous anatomical charts used for patient and student education. One manufacturer of these charts is the Anatomical Chart Company, a brand that also delivers anatomical charts for Mentone Educational. Curious about some of the charts this brand has provided for Mentone Educational? Please read the information provided below.


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What Is the Anatomical Brain Chart (ABRA)?

The Anatomical Brain Chart is a must-have teaching aid to teach students or patients about the anatomy of the brain. The chart contains a clear illustration of the entire brain and its structures, which makes learning about the brain a little easier.

On the Anatomical Brain Chart, you can easily identify anatomical details such as the cranial nerves, blood vessels in the base of the brain, lateral and sagittal views of the arteries, lobes, limbic system, brain ventricles, circle of Willis, cerebrospinal fluid and much more.

The overall size of the Anatomical Brain Chart is 51 cm x 66 cm, which means that the poster is large enough for easy patient or student demonstrations and presentations. Therefore, the poster has numerous applications for classrooms, clinics and doctor surgeries.

What Is the Anatomical Chart of the Inner Ear?

At Mentone Educational, customers can also find an Anatomical Chart of the Inner Ear created by the Anatomical Chart Company. The chart provides an accurate representation of the inner ear anatomy, which means it is an excellent teaching tool for patients or students who need to know more about the inner ear structure.

On the Anatomical Chart of the Inner Ear, you can clearly detect the detailed anatomy of the inner ear; this includes structures such as the right external ear, auditory ossicles, the lateral aspect of the right tympanic membrane, crista ampullaris, cochlea, organ of Corti, the membranous labyrinth and the macula of utricle.

What Is the Anatomical Chart of the Heart?

The Anatomical Chart of the Heart is a great teaching tool for doctors as well as teachers. The chart can be used in a classroom to teach students about the anatomy of the heart, but also to educate patients who suffer from a certain heart condition.

Our Anatomical Chart of the heart is an accurate visual representation of the entire heart and its main structures; this includes an anterior and posterior view of the heart, the coronary arteries and veins, thorax anatomy, circulation and more. The chart also includes a detailed text explanation of the cardiac cycle and processes such as the atrial systole, ventricular systole and diastole. It also explains blood pressure, which could be useful for patients who suffer from blood pressure-related problems.

What Is the Anatomy and Injuries of the Foot & Ankle Chart?

The Anatomy and Injuries of the Foot & Ankle Chart is a good option for specialised medical professionals as well as teachers. The anatomical chart displays common fractures, sprains, nerve and blood supply in these areas and much more.

In addition to displaying common problems that could occur with the foot and the ankle, the chart also displays the movement around the ankle; this includes inversion, eversion, dorsiflexion and plantar flexion.

Where Can I Find More Anatomical Charts from the Anatomical Chart Company?

At Mentone Educational, medical professionals and teachers can find more charts from the Anatomical Company; this includes charts of the skeleton, muscular system, organs and more. To get a full overview of all the charts we have available from the Anatomical Chart Company, please head over to the menu and select “Anatomical Chart Company” from the dropdown menu under the brands tab.