Mentone Educational stocks physiology equipment from various quality brands. One of these brands is Liberty, a brand that is known for quality and performance. This brand is focussed on physiology equipment for clinicians and healthcare professionals, so be sure to read on if you are considering acquiring physiology equipment for your clinic or your private practice.


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What Is the Professional Nurses Kit from Liberty?

One piece of physiology equipment provided by Liberty is the Professional Nurses Kit Elite. The Professional Nurses Kit Elite provides essential equipment a nurse needs to perform her job; this includes a stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, nurse’s watch, penlight torch, digital thermometer, surgical scissors, artery forceps and a retractable ID tag holder.

What Is the Liberty Cardiology Ultrasharp Stethoscope from Liberty?

Mentone Educational also stocks specialist stethoscopes; this includes the Cardiology Ultrasharp Stethoscope from Liberty. The Cardiology Ultrasharp Stethoscope is designed for both clinicians and students, providing a smooth and modern design with maximum performance.

The Cardiology Ultrasharp Stethoscope from Liberty has a spring length of 60mm, which makes it a little more comfortable to wear for a health professional working long hours. The ear tube set also has a special angle of 75 degrees, which guarantees optimal audio conductivity as well as comfort.

What Is the Classic Tuneable Stethoscope from Liberty?

Our Classic Tuneable Stethoscope from the Liberty brand is specifically designed for nurses and doctors, so this is a professional stethoscope often used in busy environments such as hospitals. Even though this stethoscope is referred to as a classic, this stethoscope has some special features!

The Classic Tuneable Stethoscope from Liberty is designed with a non-corrosive titanium material. It also includes the so-called “superflex” binaural tubing assembly with colour-coordinated plastic and non-chill rings.  The stethoscope also features a pressure-sensitive diaphragm, which allows for a more sensitive and clearer diagnosis in busy environments.

We also need to mention that the Classic Tuneable Stethoscope from Liberty is available in different colours; this allows for a little personalisation in the work place. In addition to the traditional black stethoscope, this brand also offers the Classic Tuneable Stethoscope in orange, purple and royal blue.

What Is the Glasses Safety from Liberty?

Glasses Safety from Liberty is a pair of safety goggles that is commonly used in laboratories and chemical facilities. However, this pair of safety glasses is also used in a hospital environment, since this is also a choice for surgical environments.

The safety glasses from Liberty allow a wide field of vision and deliver the best optical quality. They provide U.V. projection for up to 400 nanometres, which complies with AS1337-1992 legislation. The glasses also provide eye protection and can be worn over glasses thanks to its adjustable arms and the side shields.

In addition to these safety glasses from Liberty, medical professionals and lab workers can find other safety glasses from this brand. If you require a slightly different design for your workplace, then be sure to check out these glasses too.

Where Can I Find More Physiology Equipment from Liberty?

There is other physiology equipment from Liberty available at Mentone Educational. If you are interested in obtaining more equipment from this premium brand, please head over to the brands section on the main menu and select “Liberty” from the dropdown menu.

At Mentone Educational, medical professionals can find other physiology equipment from other brands. So, if you wish to expand on your search, be sure to check out some of the other brands Mentone Educational stocks.

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