One of the brands that provides physiology equipment to Mentone Educational is Omron, a manufacturer of quality blood pressure monitors, thermometers and other physiology equipment. To get more familiar with the range, we have created an overview of their main products for you. So, please read on if you are considering acquiring blood pressure meters, thermometers or other physiology equipment from the Omron brand.


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What Can You Say About the Auto Digital Deluxe Sphygmomanometer with M-L Cuff from Omron?

The Omron Auto Digital Deluxe Sphygmomanometer with M-L Cuff is a simple yet extremely functional blood pressure meter. The meter is a reliable addition to any doctor surgery, providing accurate measurements with just a touch of a button!

Since Omron blood pressure meters are known to have some extra features, it is no surprise that the Omron Auto Digital Deluxe Sphygmomanometer with M-L Cuff has some extras too. The blood pressure meter takes full advantage of an enhanced Intellisense system, which also incorporates a reading memory with the date and the time.

The Omron Auto Digital Deluxe Sphygmomanometer with M-L Cuff includes 60 memory storage readings. These readings can be called upon with a simple push of the button. It also includes a hypertension indicator, which alerts the professional of a reading that exceeds the international guidelines. Naturally, this hypertension alert also means that the meter can be used at home by patients who are prone to problems with high blood pressure.

What Can You Tell Me About the Omron Auto Digital Premium Sphygmomanometer?

The Omron Auto Digital Premium Sphygmomanometer is a blood pressure meter with advanced features. The meter provides each user with detailed blood pressure information; this makes the blood pressure meter suitable for individual patient use, but also for regular use in a doctor surgery.

Naturally, the Omron Auto Digital Premium Sphygmomanometer provides the same features as the blood pressure meter we described previously. However, this blood pressure meter has a larger memory storage than the previous version.

What Can You Tell Me About the Omron MC-246 Digital Thermometer?

As mentioned briefly earlier, Omron is not only known for their exquisite blood pressure meters, the brand also produces excellent thermometers. One of these thermometers is the Omron MC-246 Digital Thermometer.

The Omron MC-246 Digital Thermometer is designed to provide a safe, accurate and quick temperature reading. The thermometer is specifically created to deliver an accurate temperature within 60 seconds. There is also a last reading recall, which could be useful for medical professionals working in a busy environment that is likely to distract. The thermometer can also display temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

At Mentone Educational, customers can find digital thermometers from Omron for medical professionals and individuals. So, in addition to the Omron MC-246 Digital Thermometer, customers can find more options from this brand on our website; this includes the Omron MC-341 Digital Thermometer and MC343 Digital Thermometer. Our range also contains dedicated thermometers for children such as the Omron TH839S Ear Thermometer.

Where Can I Find More Blood Pressure Meters and Thermometers from the Omron Brand?

If you are interested in the range of Omron products, we recommend heading over to the brands section on the main menu. When hovering over the brand section, click on “Omron” to see a full overview of the blood pressure meters and thermometers this brand can offer.

We do need to mention that we also stock other brands providing thermometers and blood pressure meters. Therefore, be sure to check out some other brands for a full overview of the possibilities, as well as the latest advancements in medical technology.