Mentone Educational has a large range of stethoscopes, which are used by medical professionals as well as medicine students. Our stethoscope range is divided into several categories, with each category delivering a certain type of stethoscope. To learn more about the stethoscopes you can acquire at Mentone Educational, please read the information below.


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What Can You Tell Me About Lightweight Stethoscopes?

Many medical professionals – especially nurses, general practitioners and interns – prefer to use a lightweight stethoscope. As a medical professional, you must wear a stethoscope around the neck for a long period. Therefore, a lightweight stethoscope adds less pressure to the neck and could avoid some common neck pains experienced by medical professionals.

One of our lightweight stethoscopes can weigh as little as 100 grams, which can certainly make a big difference compared to some of the heavier stethoscopes out there. So, if you require a lighter stethoscope for longer shifts at the hospital, be sure to pick your stethoscope from this catalogue.

What Can You Tell Me About Cardiology Stethoscopes?

Our cardiology stethoscopes are specifically designed for medical professionals working in the field of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. The unique design of our cardiology stethoscopes allows medical professionals to hear low and high frequencies better; this is a must for professionals who are working in a cardiology unit or department.

The sensitivity and accuracy of our cardiology stethoscopes are most suitable for medical professionals working in cardiology, but they have applications outside of the cardiology department too. So, if you require a more sensitive stethoscope, one of the stethoscopes from the cardiology range might be most suitable for you.

What Can You Tell Me About Classic Stethoscopes?

Classic stethoscopes are undoubtedly the most popular stethoscopes amongst medical professionals. They are stethoscopes known for their durability and their dependability, equipped with a two-sided chest piece, dual tuned diaphragms, convertible open bell, improved tubing and loads of other features. Naturally, these stethoscopes are best for general diagnoses.

What Can You Tell Me About Electronic Stethoscopes?

Acoustic stethoscopes are a popular choice amongst medical professionals. However, the acoustic version of the stethoscope does have one major disadvantage – a low sound level. If you are working in a busy clinic or hospital with a lot of noise around, then this may pose a problem.

With an electronic stethoscope, you do not have to worry about low sound levels. Thanks to the technology used for electronic stethoscopes, medical professionals can amplify body sounds even in noisy environments! Therefore, these electronic stethoscopes are extremely suitable for hospital staff.

What Can You Tell Me About the Nurse Stethoscopes?

Mentone Educational has an entire range of stethoscopes especially designed for nurses, which could prove useful in environments such as hospitals and clinic. We have basic nurse stethoscopes for adult hospital departments, but also special versions for the paediatric unit.

Even though nurses can use the other stethoscopes in our range too, we urge nurses to consider the nurse stethoscope range first. Since these stethoscopes are specifically designed for them, nurses can get some extra benefits from these stethoscopes.

What Other Stethoscopes Can I Find at Mentone Educational?

In addition to the stethoscopes we mentioned already, there are many other categories containing special stethoscopes; this includes veterinary stethoscopes and paediatric stethoscopes. So, if you have not found the perfect stethoscope for your profession, we urge you to head over to our stethoscope catalogue to uncover more options.

Do you have a question about any of our stethoscopes? Or are you in doubt about the stethoscope type that is best for your profession? Acquire the information you need by contacting Mentone Educational via telephone, email or live chat!