Charts and Posters

Mentone Educational is pleased to offer the widest range of educational charts or posters in Australia. Our charts sit across the major categories of Anatomical Charts, Fitness / Gym Charts and School Posters. All our posters are delivered in either a soft or hard lamination finish to ensure that they stand the test of time.

Decorate the walls of your classroom, practice or gym with one of our charts & posters

Mentone Educational has been sourcing charts and posters from around the world for over forty years bringing new and innovative ways of representing information to not only brighten up the walls but also to immerse and convey information in exciting ways. Our range of posters / charts can be defined into three distinct categories; Anatomical Charts, School Charts and Gym Charts

Anatomical Charts and Posters

Our range of anatomical charts produced by Peter Bachin are some of the most recognizable anatomical charts in the world. The Human Muscular and Skeletal system charts are common place in clinical rooms across GPs, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists and all school laboratories.  However, whilst most people are familiar with the human muscular chart the anatomical chart series offers a large range of other categories.

Some of the more important categories listed below are:

Brain Disorders Anatomical Charts – This range of charts provides a valuable tool for clinicians including psychologists and neurologists to explain the impact of diseases to their patients and therefore help discuss a treatment plan. In addition, these charts are fantastic resource for teachers and students alike who are teaching and learning pathologies of the brain and impact on function

Muscular and Skeletal Disorders – Our most popular range of anatomical posters. These posters focus on injuries and the impacts of anatomy. Titles include anatomy and injuries of the foot, shoulder, ankle, hip and other key body regions. These charts are used widely by sports physicians, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. Patients will find these posters useful as they provide an anatomical basis for understanding treatment prescribed by their healthcare provider.

Pocket Charts – For study on the go these trifold charts are a good learning resource for students to get a solid overview of the anatomy or useful to explain to patients.

Fitness and Gymnasium Charts – Produced by Daydream education and Posterfit in the UK these range of fitness charts are designed by fitness specialists to cater for the needs of personal and professional gyms. The series of 20 posters are segmented into three distinct series:

  • Fitness and Conditioning
  • Functional Movement
  • Innovative Health and Fitness

Each of these posters comes accompanied with a QR quote which links the user to a large amount of video and content to provide a dynamic video on how to complete the exercise, stretch or movement. These colourful charts are the perfect addition to a gym from both an aesthetic and functional perspective

Posters and Charts for Schools

Mentone Educational is pleased to offer a range of charts for schools covering from primary school all the way to HSC. These range of charts are sourced from leading educational producers DayDream Education and Let’s Look. The charts are constantly refreshed to change and align with the curriculum. These school posters will add much needed visual simulation for students of all ages and ensure that they are always learning and absorbing relevant information.


All our charts are offered in an encapsulated lamination finish. Our range of Anatomical charts are offered in hard lamination with a matt finish and soft lamination with a gloss finish. Our fitness and school charts are all soft laminated or coated with a gloss finish.