Chronic Obstructive Pulmanory Disease

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A highly detailed anatomical chart that explains symptoms, causes, treatments and the prevention of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder or COPD. It also has sections that provide an overview for emphysema and chronic bronchitis, which are considered the two main forms of COPD.

Introduction to Anatomical Charts

Anatomical charts are visual aids which make patient education much more effective. These charts help promote awareness for a wide variety of medical issues, and assists physicians and healthcare professionals in helping patients visualise what would otherwise be complex medical concepts.

Overview of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

This particular chart provides a detailed overview of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which is commonly referred to as COPD. It highlights the ill effects of smoking and second hand smoke, as well as other environments that are harmful to the human respiratory system.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of progressive lung diseases that causes shortness of breath which eventually makes performing everyday tasks that require any sort of physical exertion more difficult over time as the symptoms get worse.

COPD Concepts, Causes and Symptoms

The top left corner provides a detailed overview of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, as well as the basics of human respiration. It then goes on to discuss the two related respiratory diseases that contribute to the progression of COPD: Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis. Both diseases are explained in detail; highlighting signs, symptoms and causes.

To make visualising the details and concepts much easier, the text is accompanied by detailed illustrations which are placed immediately next to the words so it can be easily seen.

Almost half of the poster contains elaborate illustrations of the major parts of the respiratory system, and are all labelled appropriately. Magnifications and cross sections of the smaller and microscopic anatomical elements that are affected by COPD are also expertly woven into the illustrations to help explain the text laid out on the rest of chart.

Illustrations in this COPD Anatomical Chart include:

  • Detailed overview of respiratory system
  • Enlarged view of normal and damaged alveoli
  • Enlarged view of bronchi showing inflamed bronchial wall
  • Cross section of bronchi comparing the difference normal open airway and thickened bronchial wall
  • Microscope view of lung tissue

COPD Detection, Prevention and Treatments

Aside from providing a detailed introduction to COPD and showing the related internal anatomy and pathologies, the COPD chart also provides additional information for patients to promote awareness on prevention and detection.

One section is dedicated to Chronic Obstructive Disease detection which explains the basic premise of a pulmonary function test.

On the opposite side to the right of the chart are several sections discussing prevention and treatments.

The section titled ‘Taking Control of your COPD’ highlights all the possible ways to avoid COPD and minimise its progression. Smoking is the most common cause of COPD and is listed first. Avoiding exposure to the different environments that could cause further harm to one’s respiratory system is highlighted next. Healthy lifestyle choices and following your physician’s advice is also highly recommended in this list of bullet points.

Treatments to minimise the progression of COPD are discussed in the following sections, and are highlighted with a lavender background. Some of the possible treatments that can help patients suffering from COPD listed here include; taking medication such as bronchodilators, expectorants, corticosteroids and antibiotics; continuous oxygen therapy; lung reduction or transplant surgery; and pulmonary rehabilitation programs. The importance of exercise and following the advice of physicians, respiratory therapists and physical therapists is also reiterated in this section.

Additional Details for the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Chart

The chart is made by Scientific Publishing which has been in business for over 20 years designing anatomical charts, models and teaching aids specifically designed for patient education. The chart itself presents multiple illustrations which have been expertly drawn by some of the industry’s best medical artists.

It measures 56 cm wide and 71 cm tall. It is large enough to be easily seen and read while hanging on the walls of medical offices, clinics, patient waiting rooms and other healthcare facilities.

Available Styles and Ordering Options

This poster is available in either paper or soft laminated versions. The laminated version adds more durability and is more resistant to fading, allowing it to last for many years.

Mentone Educational also carries other respiratory anatomical charts from Scientific Publishing such as ‘COPD and Asthma’, ‘Understanding the Common Cold’, and ‘The Common Cold vs the Flu,’ which are ideal companion pieces to the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease poster. 

You can find other anatomical charts from all the leading brands in the industry by clicking on the Charts and Posters section of the Mentone Educational online store.

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