Digestive Tract

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A colourfully illustrated anatomical chart of the human digestive tract that explores the complete normal anatomy and the pathologies of selected medical conditions. It shows the different parts of the digestive system in great detail down to the microscopic level, as well as selected x-ray views.

Anatomical charts and posters serve as a great visual aid and reference for anyone attempting to better understand the inner workings of the human body. It allows information that would normally take up several book pages to be condensed into one package that is easier to absorb. Anatomical charts and posters are ideal teaching tools that make discussing complex medical concepts with patients, clients and students much easier.

Overview of the Digestive Tract Anatomical Chart

The Digestive Tract Anatomical Chart illustrates all the parts of the digestive system starting with the mouth and ends towards the rectum. Right in the middle is a large illustration of the entire digestive system. It presents all the mechanisms involved in digesting food, as well as how it nourishes the body.

The very first illustrations you’ll see on the upper section of the poster starts with how food gets masticated in the oral cavity. It shows the temporomandibular joint, as well as all the muscles and bones involved in chewing food from the temporal muscle to the different muscles in the neck.

The illustrations on the top right of the chart focuses on the internal anatomy of the oral cavity. The salivary glands, the tongue and throat, are presented in separate illustrations for added clarity. The taste buds are also shown at the cellular level.

The middle section of the poster contains detailed illustrations of the different internal organs located in the abdominal cavity. Both sides have cross sections and cellular views of the minute details of the liver lobules, the intestinal villi and the mucous membrane of the colon. There is also an x-ray view of the stomach on the right.

The illustrations on the bottom show how blood flows through the digestive tract via the portal vein, inferior vena cava and arteries.

The differences between a normal and healthy rectum and ones that are affected by rectal carcinoma and haemorrhoids are shown in the middle of the bottom section of the poster. An illustration of an appendectomy is also shown, due to how common it tends to occur even in relatively healthy individuals.

Additional Details about the Digestive Tract Poster

This anatomical chart was designed by Rudiger Anatomie, a German company that specialises in designing anatomical models and charts for the medical, physiotherapy and fitness industries. This type of expertise is what makes this poster of the digestive system stand out among similarly marketed anatomical charts and posters. It is also beautifully and expertly drawn by some of the industry’s best medical artists.

It is a relatively large poster at 70 cm wide and 100 cm long, which makes it easy to read and analyse, especially with the large amounts of information it is able to present in one package.

The poster is available in either paper or a soft laminated version. The lamination provides added durability and resistance to fading even after many years of use. The laminated version also comes with brass grommets already placed on the top corner which not only makes hanging and placement much easier, but also prevents damage from tearing.

Ordering from Mentone Educational

Mentone Educational also carries many other highly detailed anatomical charts from Rudiger Anatomie that illustrate other parts and systems of the body such as ‘The Human Skull’, ‘The Human Eye’, ‘The Human Ear’, and ‘The Muscular System’, among many others. We also carry posters catering to alternative therapies such as ‘Reflexzones of the Hand’, ‘Connective Tissue Massage’ and Thermotherapy-Cryotherapy’. 

You can also find other anatomical charts from other the leading brands in the industry by clicking on the Charts and Posters section of the Mentone Educational online store.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone at +61 3 9547 6638 or email us at sales@mentone-educational.com.au. Our highly trained representatives will also be happy to help you out via chat directly on our web site. 


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