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Even though Mentone Educational specialises in charts and anatomical models of the human body, Mentone Educational also offers vet and animal charts. These types of charts are commonly used by veterinarians in their practice, but also by veterinary science students who need to master the anatomy of certain animals. Want to learn more about the available vet and animal charts? Find out by reading the information below!


Anatomy of a greyhound

Anatomy of a greyhound

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Does Mentone Educational Have Charts Displaying the Anatomy of the Horse?

The Anatomy Horse Chart can be used by veterinarians and veterinary science students. It displays the skeletal anatomy of the horse, which also illustrates the main features of the horse anatomy in incredible detail.

Our Anatomy Horse Chart comes fully laminated, so veterinarians and veterinary science students can use this chart regularly without worrying that it will get damaged. The chart is best used for anatomical studies, but it also has numerous applications for procedural demonstrations within a veterinary clinic.

Most medical professionals will use the Anatomy Horse Chart for their veterinary practice and hang it up in their vet clinic. Of course, it can also be used in the study room of veterinary students and the office of horse breeders. The Anatomy Horse Chart also comes with metal eyelets, which makes the chart easier to hang up.

Does Mentone Educational Have Charts Displaying the Anatomy of the Dog?

Veterinarians and veterinary science students who want a clear overview of the anatomy of the dog could use our Anatomy of the Dog Chart. The Anatomy of the Dog Chart is a dog skeleton poster with medical accuracy. It is specifically made for a veterinary classroom, but also for a veterinary practice.

Like our other charts for veterinarians and veterinary science students, the Anatomy of the Dog Chart comes with metal eyelets for easier mounting and display. The chart has also been laminated, so the veterinarian or students can write on it with a wipeable marker. This makes the Anatomy of Dog Chart perfect for getting familiar with the anatomy of the dog, but also to explain certain medical conditions pets can suffer from.

Why Should I Choose the Vet and Animal Charts from Mentone Educational?

The Mentone Educational Team prides itself on its excellent reputation. We specialise in anatomical charts and models, ensuring that they of the finest quality. We also ensure a personal approach for each customer, so we can provide them with product recommendations suited for their requirements.

What Other Vet Tools and Aids Are Available at Mentone Educational?

Mentone Educational specialises in anatomical charts and models, so you can find more tools and aids that could be used in a veterinary practice or in a veterinary classroom.

One of our additional options is the Life Size Dog Skeleton. The Life Size Dog Skeleton enables students to get more familiar with the anatomy of the dog. Thanks to its large size, it is easier to identify the bones. Therefore, this skeleton is an excellent option to study the anatomy of the dog.

In addition to anatomical models, students can also obtain helpful veterinary tools for their training; this includes the canine IV leg trainer and the veterinary education cards. For a full overview of all these tools and aids, please head over to our main catalogue or visit our showroom.

Can Someone Provide Me with Assistance for Vet Supplies?

Yes, simply contact Mentone Educational by telephone or email. We have several experts who are familiar with the vet range at your disposal, who will be more than happy to help you with your query. Alternatively, you can also visit us in our showroom.