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Burns & Blisters Wheel EW-5 from the Ben Nye Makeup has the colors most often needed to create realistic burns and the blisters and other injuries associated with burns. Another "must have" for medical moulage and practice emergencies. Ben Nye burns and blister wheel has four colours to recreate burns and blisters.

Learn How the Burns and Blisters Wheel Could Help Simulate Emergencies!

At Mentone Educational, educators can find many simulation items that could provide them with the tools to simulate an emergency; this could prove useful for medical professionals in training, but also workplace staff and first aid students.

One of the items available for emergency simulations is the Burns and Blisters Wheel. Want to learn how this item could contribute to the realism of your simulation or training? Please read the information below to find out more.

What Effects Can the Burns and Blister Wheel Achieve?

As the name of this product indicates, the Burns and Blister Wheel is designed to create realistic burns, blisters, and injuries related to burns. Therefore, this specific item proves useful for firefighter, first responder, and first aid training.

In addition to making burns and blisters more realistic, the Burns and Blister Wheel could be used for other applications too. The bold pigments used in this wheel are also suitable for the creation of black eyes, abrasions, and even detailing. Therefore, educators will find countless applications for this wheel in their training program.

Educators interested in adding more simulation items to their training pack could check out some of the kits available at Mentone Educational too. Our kits usually contain the professional makeup wheels from Ben Nye to make your simulation more realistic. So, if you are looking for more items than the Burns and Blister Wheel, be sure to look at the simulation kits at Mentone Educational too.

How Should the Burns and Blister Kit Be Applied?

The instructions on how to use the Burns and Blister wheel are straightforward, although they can vary on the creativity of the user. For example, educators who have some experience in makeup application could be extra creative with the colours provided in the Ben Nye Burns and Blisters wheel.

Our Burns and Blister Kit is commonly used to make wounds, blisters, and burns on a medical moulage more realistic. For example, if you want to simulate a situation where a man has a nasty leg burn, you can add any of the colours on the wheel in strategic areas to make it more realistic. Of course, the level of realism does depend on the fact if you are using a simulation moulage or not. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check out the medical moulage for burns and blisters available at Mentone Educational.

Since the Burns and Blisters Kit at Mentone Educational has four colours, it enables educators to simulate everything from light burns to extreme burns. The unique colours also add more realism to detailed moulages, so if you wish to create a training situation that looks like a real fire-related emergency, the Burns and Blisters Kit from Mentone Educational will be a must-have!

What Colours Are Included in the Wheel?

The Ben Nye Burns and Blister Wheel contains four colours. Naturally, each of the four colours is selected to match actual burns and blisters. The four colours included in the Burns and Blister Wheel are also complementary; this means they can be mixed and matched to create that realistic effect.

For maximum effect and realism, you can mix any of the colours with a little isopropyl alcohol (just a couple of drops). By doing this, you create a washed-out effect, which creates an effect that is less intense than the original colour in the Burns and Blister Wheel.

One of the other things educators can experiment with is some colourless powder. If you need maximum durability and longevity during a simulation or training, setting this makeup with some colourless powder will seal the makeup in. Of course, it can still be removed with a good makeup remover afterwards.

Is the Burns and Blisters Wheel Makeup Easy to Clean?

The Burns and Blisters Wheel is designed for direct contact with the skin, so it can be removed easily after the training has been completed. Of course, the Burns and Blister Wheel is stronger than the average makeup you will find in beauty stores; this because the makeup must withstand handling that could occur during your training or simulation.

One of the easiest ways to remove the makeup from the Burns and Blister wheel is using some makeup removed; this product is widely available in beauty stores and supermarkets.

There are also some special makeup remover wipes you can find in stores. These could provide a quick and easy way to clean off some of the makeup after a training. However, wipes can dry out, so make sure to look for resealable packs if you decide to use these for your simulation or training program.

Do you have a question about the Ben Nye Burns and Blister Wheel? Or would you like some advice on similar products for a simulation or training program? Get in touch with the Mentone Educational team today for more info.


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