F/X Wheel, Burns and Blisters (14.0g)

F/X Wheels are a remarkable artistic resource to create burns, bruises, aging and other character effects.
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This wheel has been developed for those that need burn and blister effects.Mattify your complexion and set your makeup with this silky, matte-finish loose powder.Burns & Blisters Wheel EW-5 from the Ben Nye Makeup Co. has the colors most often needed to create realistic burns and the blisters and other injuries associated with burns. Another "must have" for medical moulage and practice emergencies.Shades

  • Fire Red
  • Medium Plum
  • Charcoal Blue, and
  • Burnt Coral

Add More Realism to Fire-Related Simulations with the F/X Burns and Blisters Wheel!

Simulations for first responders often include fire-related simulations. To make these fire-related simulations more realistic, it is not uncommon to use appropriate makeup products such as the F/X Burns and Blisters Wheel, which can simulate fire-related injuries. Want to learn more about this product and how it can be used in training simulations? Please read the information below to find out.

What Effects can the Burns and Blisters Wheel Help Achieve?

The F/X Burns and Blisters Wheel can be used for a variety of simulated wounds and injuries. It is commonly used for accentuating the appearance of blisters and burns, but also black eyes, bruising, and abrasions. The wheel can also be used for overall detailing.

Customers can use the F/X Burns and Blisters Wheel from Ben Nye quite creatively, since there are some tips and tricks you can use to get a less intense effect. One of the recommendations from the Ben Nye brand is mixing a colour of the F/X Burns and Blisters Wheel with a few drops of isopropyl alcohol. Doing so will make the pigment a little less intense, enabling you to create a washed-out special effect.

During a simulation, you can also “set” the colour of the F/X Burns and Blisters Wheel. Setting a colour is done with some colourless powder; this enables you to keep the effect on the place you want it to appear. Even though using colourless powder is not obligated, we certainly recommend it for lengthier training sessions and simulations.

What Colours Are Included in the Wheel?

The Ben Nye F/X Burns and Blisters Wheel contains four colours: fire red, medium plum, charcoal blue, and burnt coral. As you can deduct from the names of the colours, these colours were selected for a reason. The colours match the colours one would expect to see on a burn victim, subsequently enabling customers to create a lifelike simulation with the help of this makeup.

All colours included on the Ben Nye F/X Burns and Blisters wheel are complimentary. Knowing how to implement these complimentary colours is important, because it could create the realistic effect you are looking for.

Complimentary colour is a term often used by makeup artists. When this term is used, it means that the makeup colours used can compliment each other, in other words, they can be mixed and matched.

When it comes down to creating realistic simulations, it is always a good idea to use a combination of at least two colours. If you were to look at a burn victim, you would notice that a burn or a blister does not solely consist of one colour. So, combining your complementary colours is vital to let the realism shine through.

How Should the Burns and Blisters Kit Be Applied?

As mentioned briefly in the previous section, there are countless applications for the Ben Nye F/X Burns and Blisters Wheel. We mentioned the importance of complimentary colours, but also the importance of combining them.

But what can you create with the makeup included in this kit? Well, you can create realistic burns, the appearance of abrasions, and even black eyes. There are quite a few pre-determined applications for this kit, but in reality, the creativity of customers allows them to do so much more.

We must also mention that this kit contains bold pigments made through a process of micro-blending. Because of this process, customers can rely on a buildable formula; this means that numerous applications to create a certain effect are also possible.

Is the Burns and Blisters Wheel Easy to Clean?

The Burns and Blisters Wheel is made for the human skin, which means you will have no problems removing the makeup from the skin after the simulation. Of course, there are products that can make the removal of makeup a lot easier, so they are certainly recommended when it comes to removing the product.

One of the items you should obtain is a makeup remover. Makeup removers are widely available in beauty stores and supermarkets, but we must mention there is an accompanying makeup remover for Ben Nye makeup products. Since the Ben Nye makeup remover is specifically made for Ben Nye products, it goes without saying that this makeup remover will do the best and quickest job.

To remove the makeup, simply apply some of the Ben Nye makeup remover to a clean wipe or cloth and remove the makeup by gently wiping the skin. We also recommend adding a little moisturiser after the product has been removed; this to ensure the skin is properly hydrated.

Do you have a question and the F/X Ben Nye Burns and Blisters Wheel? Get some answers by contacting the Mentone Educational team! Simply contact us by telephone, email, or instant messaging.


  • Professional Special Effects Wheel

  • Burns and Blisters

Brand Ben Nye
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