Foundation Cyanotic Blue 28gm

To create the blue colouration of the skin & membranes.
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Ben Nye  Foundations are blended for under skin discolorations that are set in like bruises and blemishes.

Ben Nye foundations are widely used for trauma and moulage simulations by amateur and professionals alike.

Lay the Groundwork for Lifelike Simulations with Ben Nye Cyanotic Blue Foundation!

Makeup plays an important role in many simulations and training programs. With the right makeup products, it becomes a lot easier to bring a simulated emergency to life; this includes products such as Ben Nye Cyanotic Blue Foundation. Do you wish to learn more about this specific product in our simulation range? Find out more below!

What Professionals Would Benefit from Using the Ben Nye Cyanotic Blue Foundation?

Educators who want their moulages to look more realistic during simulated emergencies could benefit a lot from using Ben Nye Cyanotic Blue Foundation. With the foundation, educators can blend the moulage perfectly on the body of the victim. Of course, the foundation can also be used to make certain wounds and fractures appear more realistic.

Given the purpose of the Ben Nye Cyanotic Blue Foundation, there are many simulations or training exercises this foundation could be used in. It can be used for the training of EMT staff and other first responders, as well as the simulations used for first aid students. Therefore, this Cyanotic Blue Foundation is a must-have for any educator who organises lifelike simulations regularly.

Is This Foundation Easy to Apply to Skin?

The foundation is designed to be applied on human skin, so educators will have no problems applying the foundation on human skin for their simulations.

Cyanotic Blue Foundation is also created by one of the world’s leading makeup manufacturers: Ben Nye. Ben Nye is a brand with a full range of makeup products that can be used for special effects. Their makeup products are commonly used on movie sets, so they are more than suitable to create a realistic effect during simulation and training programs.

Like most makeup products, they can easily be removed with the use of a dedicated makeup remover. Good makeup removers can easily be obtained from beauty stores and supermarkets. However, there are also makeup remover wipes that could make the removal of leftover makeup a little easier. It all comes down to the personal preferences of the user.

How Should This Foundation Be Used?

As explained briefly earlier, the Ben Nye Cyanotic Blue Foundation can be used for a variety of applications. However, its design purpose is to make the blue discolouration of skin and membranes more realistic, mainly to simulate the appearance of cyanosis.

Cyanosis is a condition that could occur during many emergency situations. The term is used to describe all blueish discolouration of the skin, commonly caused by poor blood circulation or inadequate oxygenation of the blood. Cyanosis can occur in people with heart problems, but also people who suffer from lung-related illnesses.

Of course, the foundation can be used for other simulation and training purposes.  There are many medical conditions and even injuries that could cause the skin to show sign of cyanosis. So, this is a foundation product that will be used frequently during simulations and training.

Is This Foundation Easy to Remove?

A common concern for educators who organise simulations and training is the removal of makeup products. Once the simulation is over, makeup products must be removed from the body of the victim, but also from some of the moulages that might be used during the simulation. Fortunately, Ben Nye has created a foundation that is easy to remove post-simulation.

To remove the foundation from the skin, apply a makeup remover of your choice to a clean wipe. Then, apply on the skin and wipe away any remaining makeup. As mentioned before, you could also use one of the premade makeup remover wipes available in store.

We must mention that obtaining a solid makeup remover with clean wipes is often better than obtaining the premade wipes. Premade wipes tend to dry out and they often lack enough of the makeup remover to remove all the makeup properly in one sitting. So, if you want to save some time, the standalone makeup remover with separate wipes is usually best.

When you shop for a makeup remover, be sure to check out some reviews beforehand. Not all makeup removers do a good job, so finding one that can remove the simulation makeup effectively is always advised.

Ben Nye does create some makeup remover too, so if you do not want to get a makeup remover from a local beauty store, you could consider the matching makeup remover for this product.

Where Can I Go with Questions About the Ben Nye Cyanotic Blue Foundation?

Mentone Educational will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Ben Nye’s Cyanotic Blue Foundation. To get additional information about this product, simply contact our team via telephone, email, or the instant messaging function at the bottom of our website. Customers can also visit us at the Mentone Educational showroom and speak to a member of our staff in person.


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