Baby Buddy CPR Manikin - Pack of 10

The Baby Buddy Manikin (10 Pack) includes ten infant manikins, 100 lung/mouth protection bags, two carrying bags, ten lung insertion tools, and two instruction manuals. 

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Baby Buddy CPR Manikin (10) include:

  • Lung/Mouth Bag installs easily (tool included).
  • Removable chest for easy lung/mouth protection bags installation.
  • Visible chest rise when ventilated.
  • Lightweight and easily transported.

Discover The Baby Buddy CPR Manikins And Their Benefits!

An increasingly large amount of CPR instructors is acquiring baby training manikins to help their students develop lifesaving CPR skills for infants. Applying CPR on adults is considerably different than applying CPR on babies; this is why it is important to have dedicated manikins to practice on.

Mentone Educational provides quite the varied range of manikins; this includes a collection of baby training manikins. The Baby Buddy CPR Manikin – Pack Of Ten is one of our most affordable packs for instructors. If you wish to learn more about this pack and the manikins inside, please read the information we have provided below.

Do The Baby Buddy Manikins Work With Lung Bags Or Face Shields?

CPR instructors are looking for manikins that are compatible with face shields or lung bags. Fortunately, this is the case for the Baby Buddy, as this training manikin can be easily combined with the lung/mouth protection bags provided inside the pack.

Lung/mouth protection bags have several functions. Firstly, the bag will shield the mouth of the manikin from saliva and other things that may cause contamination. The same applies to the internal structure of the manikin, which is shielded by the lung bag. Naturally, the lung/mouth protection bag can be removed and replaced when a new student wants to practice.

In addition to keep the Baby Buddy sanitary, the lung/mouth protection bag also provides a realistic rise and fall of the chest; this makes the CPR training a lot more realistic. So, the usefulness of lung/mouth protection bags cannot be underestimated.

Are The Baby Buddy Manikins Durable?

One of the main concerns of CPR instructors is the durability of their manikins, since any manikin must withstand a considerable amount of punishment. Repeated compressions and mouth-to-mouth are just some of the actions a Baby Buddy must withstand. Fortunately, the Baby Buddy is made of strong stuff!

Each of the Baby Buddy Training Manikins is made from strong and durable material. Its overall design provides the important anatomical landmarks, but also good durability for a long period of time.

In addition to being durable, the Baby Buddy manikin is easy to maintain too. To keep these manikins clean, all the instructor has to do is wipe them down with a simple alcoholic wipe. Not only does this keep the manikins sanitary for the next training, it can also prolong their lifespan.

Why Is It Beneficial To Purchase A Large Quantity Of These Baby Buddies?

CPR instructors often teach classes of ten people. If you only have one training manikin available; this makes proper practice a little more difficult. However, if you purchase several manikins, you ensure that each student gets a bit more training time. Sometimes, you can even provide each student with their own individual manikin.

At Mentone Educational, you can easily gain access to a multipack of infant training manikins. However, we also provide large packs of adult training manikins. We even have multipacks that contain a combination infant manikins, adult manikins, and child manikins.

Please note that Mentone Educational provides a combination of manikin types. Basic manikins are just one side of the spectrum, as we also provide manikins for dedicated airway management, intubation, and manikins with AED trainers, the possibilities are endless.

To view our full range of training manikins, please head over to the simulation catalogue. You can also visit the Mentone Educational showroom to get more familiar with our range of manikins in person.

Do you have a question about one of our CPR training manikins? Contact Mentone Educational for more information via telephone, email, or the live chat function.


  • Sanitary one-piece lung/mouth protection system
  • Economical - each student can have their own manikin
  • Low-Cost disposable lung/mouth protection bags - no messy cleanup
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