Baby Buddy CPR Manikin - Pack of 10

The Baby Buddy Manikin (10 Pack) includes ten infant manikins, 100 lung/mouth protection bags, two carrying bags, ten lung insertion tools, and two instruction manuals. 

$1,364.45 ex GST
$1,500.90 inc GST

Baby Buddy CPR Manikin (10) include:

  • Lung/Mouth Bag installs easily (tool included).
  • Removable chest for easy lung/mouth protection bags installation.
  • Visible chest rise when ventilated.
  • Lightweight and easily transported.

Teach CPR on Babies the Correct Way with the Baby Buddy CPR Manikin!

Teaching CPR on babies is quite different than teaching CPR on adults. Therefore, the right manikins are required to ensure students pick up the right skills. Mentone Educational provides the Baby Buddy CPR Manikin, enabling teachers to demonstrate CPR correctly on infants. For more information about this manikin and its benefits, please read the information provided below.

Are the Baby Buddy CPR Manikins Suitable for Training?

The Baby Buddy CPR Manikin Set contains ten baby manikins. They are designed to provide CPR training on babies and are therefore suitable for this purpose. Naturally, to demonstrate CPR on adults, teachers will require the accompanying adult CPR manikins.

At Mentone Educational, teachers can find a series of manikins suitable for a variety of patients. So, in addition to baby manikins, our range also contains adult manikins for adult CPR training. If you require manikins for both infant and adult CPR training, be sure to check out the additional options available at Mentone Educational.

In addition to the manikins, Mentone Educational provides additional tools that add to the realism and overall functionality of the baby manikins. Good examples of such tools and equipment include lung and mouth bags, which allow the chest to move up and down as mouth-to-mouth is provided.

To ensure CPR teachers can commence their training immediately after obtaining the Baby Buddy CPR Manikin, Mentone Educational has included 100 lung/mouth protection bags, ten lung insertion tools, and two instruction manuals. Of course, if teachers require a refill on the lung or mouth protection bags, they can acquire these refills individually at Mentone Educational. We also provide alcohol wipes enabling you to keep the manikins hygienic during various CPR classes.

Which Situation Can These Manikins Help Prepare for?

The Baby Buddy CPR Manikins are designed for CPR training. Therefore, they are suitable to teach students how to handle a situation where a baby stops breathing or goes into cardiac arrest.

CPR training on babies can be taught to a variety of students. It can be taught to employees of a children’s day care, who are often responsible for the care of young infants. It could also be used to train parents who have a child with severe health problems. Finally, we also recommend the baby manikins for CPR teachers overall since they are often required to teach both adult and infant CPR in their classes.

Why Is Realistic Infant CPR Training Important?

Realistic CPR training could save a life; this does not only apply to infant CPR, but also adult CPR. Learning CPR in theory can only take a student so far, since practice is the one thing that could help students to hone their CPR skills.

When it comes to things such as chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth, the strength that is required for a baby is quite different to adults. In fact, mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions that are too strong could have the opposite effect, so it is important to teach CPR students this during training.

Can These Baby Buddy Manikins Be Easily Transported?

Most CPR teachers have to be mobile because CPR training is provided in various places across the country. Naturally, this requires the baby manikins to be transported easily. Mentone Educational has considered this when creating the Baby Buddy Manikins Set.

To ensure CPR teachers can stay mobile when using the CPR Baby Buddy Manikins, Mentone Educational has included two convenient carry bags, which are specifically designed to hold the manikins. So, not only can you transport the manikins easily, it also ensures they stay safe during transport.

Another benefit that contributes to the mobility of the Baby Buddy CPR Manikins Set is the light weight of the manikins themselves. Heavy manikins can be quite inconvenient for transport, so this is a problem you will not encounter with these manikins from Mentone Educational.

Please note that more baby manikins for CPR training are available at Mentone Educational. If you want to keep your options open, be sure to check out some of the other options available for CPR teachers at our store.

Do you want a demonstration of the CPR Baby Buddy Manikins before you purchase them? No problem, because demonstrations can always be obtained at the Mentone Educational showroom. Since we provide many training and simulation equipment, our staff is always ready to provide interested customers with the demonstrations they require. So, do not hesitate to drop by at the Mentone Educational showroom for your demonstration if you require one.

Have some questions regarding the Baby Buddy CPR Manikin, but no time to visit our showroom? Do not hesitate to contact the Mentone Educational team through one of the available contact methods on the website. Customers can contact us by telephone, but also email and the instant messaging function.


  • Sanitary one-piece lung/mouth protection system
  • Economical - each student can have their own manikin
  • Low-Cost disposable lung/mouth protection bags - no messy cleanup
SKU LF3722
Brand Basic Buddy
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