Basic Buddy & Baby Buddy Set - Pack of 6

When practicing CPR on adults and infants within a large group, more than one adult of infant manikin is advisable.

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Only use AED training pads designed for foam body manikins.

Includes four Basic Buddies/ Baby Buddies,six lung installation tools, 40 Basic Buddy lung bags, 20 Baby Buddy™ lung bags, and carrying bag. 

Discover the Basic Buddy & Baby Buddy Set – A Must-Have for CPR Instructors

Mentone Educational has one of the largest selections of CPR training manikins, which can be used by CPR instructors and medical professionals in their classes. One of the latest additions to this range is the Basic Buddy & Baby Buddy Set, a must-have for CPR instructors who often teach larger classes of students. To learn more about this set and why you should obtain it for your classes, please read the information provided by Mentone Educational below.

Why Should I Choose a Combination of Adult and Baby Training Manikins?

In this day and age, many CPR instructors combine adult CPR training with infant CPR training; this is also necessary, because the techniques used for CPR on adults are not the same as those used on infants. Proper instruction is extremely important for accurate CPR in a genuine emergency. Therefore, obtaining a combination of adult and infant CPR manikins is the best option for your classes.

You may argue that instruction for infant CPR can be executed on an adult manikin, but this is not the case. As a CPR instructor, you already know that the anatomical structures on infants are quite different than those of adults. By choosing separate manikins, you can instruct techniques more accurately and provide students with a much more realistic training experience.

What Are the Lung Bags Used for?

CPR training manikins have evolved over the years. Several decades ago, realism on CPR training manikins was hard to find. Even though there was some resemblance to a real-life patient, the effects of CPR could not be detected on older CPR training models.

Making your training more realistic does not have to cost loads of money because most manikins come with a lung bag function these days. Lung bags can be inserted in the manikin and create a realistic movement of the chest when mouth-to-mouth and compressions are performed.

The lung bags used during CPR training can have an additional function, more specifically keep the training manikins as sanitary as possible during training. It is recommended to use one lung bag per student; this keeps any germs at bay. While you can wipe down the manikins mouth and chest with an alcohol-wipe, using removable lung bags can be the more hygienic option.

To insert the lung bags into your training manikins, you might require a lung bag installation tool; this depends on the overall make and model of your manikin. For our Basic Buddy & Baby Buddy Set, we have included six lung installation tools, forty adult lung bags, and twenty baby lung bags, so you can start with your classes upon receiving this set.

Please note that Mentone Educational has other CPR training manikins that can add more realism to CPR training. We also have other manikins that demonstrate the effects of CPR in even greater detail; this includes manikins with visible circulation. CPR instructors usually obtain one of these manikins for their training equipment, since this is an excellent demonstration tool to display the effects of CPR on the body.

At Mentone Educational, we also provide manikins with interactive systems. One of our manikins models works with a lights system, which gives a red light when CPR is performed incorrectly and a green light if CPR is correctly performed; this manikin could be an excellent option for larger classes too, since it enables students to become more self-sufficient in their training.

Why Should I Choose Multiple CPR Manikins Instead of One?

Choosing multiple manikins has many advantages. Firstly, most CPR classes will include multiple students. With only one manikin, it is difficult to get all the students to practice properly. Some students may be able to practice enough, while others did not get the appropriate amount of time to master their CPR skills.

Using various manikins also provides the CPR instructor with some extra time. It is easier for students to be corrected on poor CPR techniques and instructors can spend a little more time on students who need extra instruction, while the remaining students can keep practicing.

Is the Set of Basic Buddy & Baby Buddy Manikins Easy to Transport?

At Mentone Educational, we understand that most CPR instructors travel frequently. CPR classes can be held in community centres, hospitals, and even schools, so it is important for instructors to remain mobile.

To ensure easy transportation of our Basic Buddy & Baby Buddy Set, we include a carrying bag with each set. The bag is specifically designed for the transportation of these manikins and protects the manikins against accidental damage while on the go.

Please note that Mentone Educational provides more sets of CPR manikins. The affordable Basic Buddy & Baby Buddy Set is just one of your options, so if you would like to browse the range, be sure to check out the other sets available.


  • offers a realistic and affordable way to provide each student 
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