Brayden CPR Manikin- Basic

This Brayden Manikin Series is the first ever visual flow of blood from the heart to the brain during CPR.

Note that this is the standard version with only clicking feedback. Mat bag not included.

$470.00 ex GST
$517.00 inc GST

For those seeking uniformity across their manikin’s, but do not need illumination as an option in all of them, Brayden is available without lights, it just has the audible clicker. This allows for standardisation of consumables as well as a consistent look and feel.

Discover Our Classic Range of Manikins and Their Benefits!

At Mentone Educational, instructors can find many advanced CPR training manikins. These manikins can include various feedback systems for a more self-sufficient training experience. However, some CPR instructors prefer the classic CPR manikins. Today, we will discuss these classic manikins, some advancements, and even their benefits.

What Is Considered as a Classic CPR Training Manikin?

Classic CPR training manikins have been around for decades. They are characterised by an overall uniform design and include an audible clicker in the chest. When the accurate compressions are provided, the clicker will release an audible sound.

As we mentioned earlier, classic manikins have a uniform design; this means they are considered neither male or female. Yet, most of the classic manikins will have a more masculine design. The flatter chest region tends to make practice a little more convenient, but the techniques learned on such a manikin can be used on both male and female patients.

What Are Some of the Advancements on Classic CPR Training Manikins?

Mentone Educational provides some of the classic manikins with advanced feedback systems. These feedback systems could include visual or audio prompts, depending on the preference of the CPR instructor.

Even though our manikins with feedback systems are quite affordable, they can be a little more of an investment compared to the classic versions. However, a manikin with feedback system can offer more advantages. For example, the feedback system can correct students on incorrect CPR techniques, requiring less interference from the CPR instructor. For larger CPR classes, this could prove quite convenient and less time-consuming.

In addition to feedback systems, some of our manikins are equipped with visuals that clearly display the effects of CPR on the human body. A good example of this is a representation of blood flow, which can be detected on one of our CPR manikins. If a student has problems understanding the effects of CPR, one of these manikins can help visualise the process.

Can I Teach Infant CPR on a Classic Training Manikin?

We never recommend teaching infant CPR on an adult training manikin. However, there are some classic infant manikins you can use to teach these techniques.

When choosing a manikin for CPR training, it is always advised to consider your target group. For example, if you are teaching nursery staff, infant CPR will be more important than teaching adult CPR.

The “markers” or anatomical structures that require the execution of proper CPR techniques are different between adults and infants. So, to teach the techniques correctly, one must obtain a training manikin that displays these structures clearly.

What Are the Benefits of Classic CPR Training Manikins?

Some instructors will find that classic training manikins are more cost-effective; this due to their universal nature. Classic CPR training manikins will work with most types of lung bags and other accessories, which could be more affordable for instructors over time.

Most CPR instructors will choose a combination of classic CPR training manikins and more advanced versions. It all depends on their needs and their students. If you teach larger classes, several classic manikins – which can be more affordable than the more advanced versions – ensure that all your students get to practice. However, incorporating an advanced CPR training manikin also adds to the overall quality of your class, since it can provide students with a more accurate insight into their technique.

Which Brands Provide Classic CPR Training Manikins?

Mentone Educational stocks several brands who deliver the classic CPR training manikins. One of these brands is Brayden, who also provides some of our more advanced models.

When it comes to CPR training equipment, Brayden is certainly considered as one of the best. Their combination of quality and affordability speaks to many CPR instructors, especially since these manikins are built to last too!

Should I Acquire Accessories for Classic Training Manikins?

Most classic training manikins can be combined with so-called lung bags, which create a more realistic rise and fall of the chest during CPR. While instructors are not obligated to use them, they have shown to contribute to the realism of the CPR training.

In addition to basic lung bags and face shields, Mentone Educational provides additional accessories that may prove useful during CPR training; this includes the AED trainer. Many public places now have an AED trainer for emergencies, so training your students how to use one could potentially save a life!

At Mentone Educational, CPR instructors can find special AED trainer packages, which also include adult and infant CPR manikins. Of course, AED trainers can be purchased separately from our store.

Do you have a question about our classic or advanced CPR training manikins? For more information, do not hesitate to contact Mentone Educational via telephone, live chat, or email. We will be happy to assist.

Please note: Batteries should be removed from Manikins if they are be stored for extended periods of time without use.


Brand Brayden
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