Brayden Pro CPR Manikin

CPR Feedback with technology driven data management.

The Brayden Pro provides quantitative data driven feedback and is the latest in CPR technology.

The Brayden Pro provides quantitative data driven feedback and is the latest in CPR technology. Up to 6 Brayden Pro's can be connected at once to provide instant feedback. All feedback and records are able to be digitally recorded and exported via email.

The Brayden Pro app uses key CPR parameters set out in the European Resuscitation Guidelines 2015 and the American Heart Association Guidelines 2015. These can be adjusted in the App if the Guidelines change in the future. The paramters can also be weighted to take the student's experience into account, adjusting for lay responders and healthcare professionals.

Included with the Brayden Pro is the following: 

- Face Skin (1)

- Artificial Lung (1)

- Face Shields (10)

- Batteries (C type, Manganese)(6)

- Carry Bag / Training Mat (1)

- Brayden Pro App

Get Familiar With the Brayden Pro And Its Unique Feedback System!

Feedback systems are becoming more and more important in the world of CPR, especially since these feedback systems can help students master the learned techniques better! So, it is no surprise that Mentone Educational provides many CPR training manikins with dedicated feedback systems.

One of the training manikins with an outstanding feedback system is the Brayden Pro CPR Manikin. As one of the most advanced CPR feedback systems in our catalogue, experienced CPR instructors should certainly consider adding this manikin to their collection. Want to learn more before you purchase the Brayden Pro? Be sure to read the information below!

What Makes The Feedback System Of The Brayden Pro CPR Manikin So Unique?

There are many feedback systems for manikins these days, so what makes the feedback system of the Brayden Pro so unique? Well, the feedback system of the Brayden Pro is data-driven; this means it can provide instant feedback that can also be digitally recorded. On top of that, it provides an almost limitless amount of options to practice certain scenarios.

With a data-driven system, instructors can easily adjust their training for beginners, but also for more experienced students. If you want to make training a little harder for them, the data-driven system that comes with the Brayden Pro will be perfect. Simply set the required parameters to match the student’s skill levels.

There is an endless amount of benefits for a feedback system such as the one that comes with the Brayden Pro. While this kind of system can be a little more of an investment than most manikins with feedback systems, the advanced nature of the system makes it a worthy investment for all CPR instructors.

Why Should I Choose The Brayden Brand Over Other Manikin Brands?

Even though there are many CPR training manikin brands to choose from, most CPR instructors choose Brayden if they are looking for something a little more advanced than most training manikins. Since the system of the Brayden Pro can be hooked up to several manikins at the same time, it can also provide more convenience for instructors in larger classes.

Of course, some instructors who visit Mentone Educational may prefer one of the other brands in our catalogue, which come with their own range of benefits. When choosing a CPR training manikin, it is important to write down what you expect for your training manikin. If you do not need the advanced features, but require a lot of essential features, you could choose an alternative from Nasco.

The team at Mentone Educational can certainly help CPR instructors with the choice of their training manikins. Instructors can contact the team online, but they can also visit our showroom to request a demonstration of the training manikin.

Demonstrations prove useful for CPR instructors who do not know which features may prove most useful to them. It is also the advised route to take for instructors who are just starting out with their CPR classes, as they may not know about the available feedback systems and additional trainers that can be combined with training manikins. For example, some instructors like to combine the CPR training manikin with an AED trainer, a common practice nowadays. Of course, if you just start out with CPR classes, it may be something you do not think about at first; this is how a member of our  team can help.

Would you like to obtain more information about the Brayden Pro before making a decision? Do not hesitate to contact the Mentone Educational team via telephone, email, or the live chat function on the website.




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