Prestan Starter Pack - Pack of Adult & Infant

Perfect for educating Adult and Infant CPR - SAVE $171

The Mentone Educational Starter Pack 2 is perfect for training both adult and infant CPR as well as defibrillation. The pack includes: Adult CPR Manikin with feedback, Infant CPR Manikin with feedback, Trainer AED and First Aid supplies / consumables This pack is designed with trainer in mind and offers a saving of $129!
$910.00 ex GST
$1,001.00 inc GST

 Mentone Educational is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of CPR manikin starter and instructor packs to provide you a cost effective way to start your training. The SPACK2 includes both an adult and infant cpr manikin and all associated first aid supplies to help you begin your high quality CPR training.

The comprehensive pack includes the following items:

  • 1 x Prestan Adult CPR Manikin with Feedback
  • 1 x Prestan Infant CPR Manikin with Feedback 
  • 50 each of the Adult and Infant Faceshields (one pack of each, each pack contains 50)
  • 50 each of the Adult and Infant Lungbags (one pack of each, each pack contains 50)
  • 1 x MED10 AED trainer (XFT)
  • 1 X CPR Pocket Mask
  • 1 x Alcohol Wipes (Tub of 100)
  • 3 x Keyring Faceshields
  • 50 x Roller Bandages
  • 50 x Triangular Bandages
  • 2 x Epipen Trainers

The pack is centralised around the world class Prestan CPR manikin which is the most economical manikin on the market with CPR Feedback. The entire range of Prestan manikins include LED lights for feedback to provide quality CPR. The adult manikin includes feedback on the shoulder of the manikin whilst the infant manikin has feedback on the nappy.

The feedback appears in the following order:

  • Red Lights - Speed is less than 60 compressions per minute and the rate needs to be increased significantly
  • Orange Lights - Speed is between 60-79 and speed is still well below what is required for high quality CPR
  • Single Green Light - Rate is 80-100 and indicates good CPR but an increase in speed will still provide better survival outcomes
  • Dual green lights indicate that the student is performing in the quality CPR zone of 100-120 compressions per minute
  • New yellow light in the middle of two greens indicates that the student is exceeding the 120 compressions per minute and should slow down their CPR

Mentone Educational is pleased to asssit you with all your CPR needs to feel free to ask our experiences staff for assitance.

Discover Our Most Detailed Kit To Date – The Prestan Starter Pack

With the Prestan Starter Pack, new instructors can have instant access to all the manikins and accessories they will need for even the most advanced CPR classes. If you are a new instructor, still needing to acquire equipment, be sure to check out all the wonderful products inside our Prestan Stater Pack.

What Is The Prestan Adult CPR Manikin With Feedback?

The Prestan Adult CPR Manikin is one of the most popular CPR training manikins in existence. The manikin comes with an advanced feedback system, which consists of LED lights to indicate correct or incorrect chest compression technique.

Prestan Adult CPR Manikins can be used in a variety of training situations; this includes providing CPR in schools and all kinds of workplace environments. The manikin is also easy to transport; this makes it easy to travel from one CPR class to another.

What Is The Prestan Infant CPR Manikin with Feedback?

The Prestan Infant CPR Manikin is designed for infant CPR training, which can be required in childcare facilities or other workplaces where infant CPR may be required. As a CPR instructor, an infant training manikin is an absolute essential. Fortunately, a good infant manikin is included inside this starter pack.

What Are Face Shields And Lung Bags?

Face shields and lung bags are accessories commonly used by instructors to keep their training manikins sanitary during training. Lung bags can also make training more realistic; this by providing a realistic rise and fall of the chest.

Before a student starts practicing, simply insert a lung bag into the manikin. Any air the student blows into the manikin is caught by the lung bag. Once the student stops practicing, the lung bag can be removed, and a new one can be inserted before the next student starts practicing.

What Is An AED Trainer?

An AED trainer can train your student in automated external defibrillation; this is applied in patients who have suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Automated external defibrillators are commonly found in public places these days, so it is essential for students to master the AED as well as basic CPR training.

What Is A CPR Pocket Mask?

A CPR pocket mask can teach students an alternative way to mouth-to-mouth. It is a common tool used by paramedics, but it often has applications in CPR training too. While instructors should always provide the basics with mouth-to-mouth, the CPR pocket mask does allow for more advanced training.

What Are The Alcohol Wipes For?

Most of our starter kits include some alcohol wipes; these are used to keep the manikins sanitary during training. While face shields and lung bags can keep the training manikins sanitary, some instructors prefer to wipe the manikins after each student; this is the best way to keep your manikins as sanitary as possible.

Customers can purchase alcohol wipes separately from Mentone Educational. So, if you run out of alcohol wipes from this starter pack, you can buy additional alcohol wipes from Mentone Educational later. The same applies to other accessories such as face shields and lung bags.

What Are The Bandages For?

Inside this starter kit from Mentone Educational, customers can find roller bandages as well as triangular bandages. Even though it may seem pretty straightforward, bandaging does require considerable skill.

While not all CPR instructors go beyond chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth during their CPR classes, some expand to include most lifesaving skills. Bandaging a patient properly is important, as it could stem bleeding or assist with other life-threatening conditions. Therefore, it is no surprise that some instructors will include bandaging techniques.

Why Do I Need Accessories Such As EpiPen Trainers?

As you may have deducted from the contents of this starter kit, it is designed to provide more than just the basic CPR training techniques. An accessory such as the EpiPen is a prime example. As the name suggests, it trains students in applying injections filled with epinephrine, a substance used to narrow the blood vessels and open the airways.

The EpiPen is used to treat allergic reactions. Since allergic reactions are not that uncommon because of denominators such as insect stings, bites, food, and medication, an EpiPen trainer cannot be missing from current CPR training techniques.

Does Mentone Educational Provide More Starter Kits With CPR Training Manikins?

In addition to the Prestan Starter Pack with Infant and Adult Manikin, there are many other packs available at Mentone Educational. Whether you need more manikins in your starter pack or even more accessories, you can certainly find it at Mentone Educational.

Do you need more information about any of the products that have been included inside the Prestan Starter Pack? Or need advice on a purchase for your CPR classes? For more information, do not hesitate to contact us via live chat or telephone.

More FAQ's

The CPR Rate Monitor lights on my Adult and infant manikin are not working properly.

   1. Make sure you are compressing fully, you should hear the clicker when fully compressed.
   2. Replace batteries and recheck. Two AA batteries are installed in the battery compartment of the monitor unit located in the diaper area.
   3. The LED monitor may be malfunctioning. Contact your distributor orPrestan for a replacement monitor.


The diaper area of my Infant Manikin bubbles up when I give compressions.

Remove the diaper section and tuck in all skin sections. Reattach the diaper section pushing down on the unit as much as possible and continue holding down while screwing in the screws.


How do you replace the batteries?

The compartment for the batteries is located under the “diaper area” of the manikin. Open the cover to the CPR Rate Monitor by using a small flat-edged screwdriver in the slots on sides and gently lifting. Remove the CPR Rate Monitor unit from the well. Squeeze the tabbed area to open the battery compartment and replace the batteries. Once the batteries are replaced, snap the lid back into place, return the CPR Rate Monitor unit to the well and snap the diaper cover back into place.


It is too hard to do compressions on my Infant Manikin with 2 fingers. How can I adjust this?

We strive to make the Prestan Manikins as similar to real-life as possible. The density of the chest foam used for our Prestan Professional Infant Manikins could be at the higher end of our specifications. Although still true-to-life, a stronger compression force may be required. If you are experiencing difficulties with compressions, please us.


How do I change the batteries in the Infant Manikin? 
The batteries power the CPR Rate Monitor, which is located under the cover on the front of the diaper area. Use a flathead screwdriver in the slots on the sides of the cover to easily wedge/pop it out. Then slide out the monitor. The battery replacement door is marked on the monitor and takes 2 AA batteries.


Have a further question about the Prestan Adult and Infant anikin? For more information about this Prestan manikin, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Mentone Education team. Our team can be reached via telephone, email, or instant messaging. 


Brand Prestan Manikins
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