Prestan Family Starter Set - Pack of Adult, Child & Infant

Pack Including Adult, Child & Infant. Save $150!

This starter pack includes a preston family pack which contains 2 Adult, 2 Infant and 1 Child Manikins and all the required first aid supplies for all your training and education needs. Purchase this as part of the starter pack and save $180!
$1,528.00 ex GST
$1,680.80 inc GST

Mentone Educational is pleased to offer a large range of Starter packs which include everything required to train and learn the basics of CPR and First Aid.

The SPACK5 includes the award winning Prestan manikins which are the most affordable manikin on the market which provide feedback on speed and depth of compressions through LED lights on the shoulders (adult and child) and the nappy on the infant manikin.

This premium starter pack will save buyers $150 and includes the following first aid supplies:

  • Prestan Family Pack (2 Adult Manikins, 2 Infant Manikins and 1 Child Manikin)
  • A packet of faceshields (50 each) for the Adult, Child and Infant manikins
  • A packet of lungbags (50 each) for the Adult, Child and Infant manikin
  • AED Trainer (XFT Brand)
  • CPR Pocket Mask
  • Alchohol Wipes (Tub of 100)
  • Keyring Faceshiled - 3 units
  • 50 Roller and 50 triangular bandages 
  • 1 Epipen Trainer

Mentone Educational is pleased to offer a wide range of CPR Manikins and first aid supplies feel free to contact us via email or phone to get any additional information or customer products.

From Chest Compressions To The EpiPen – Cover All Your Bases With The Prestan Family Starter Set!

As a starting CPR instructor, getting all the equipment you need for your CPR classes can feel a little daunting, especially where your wallet is concerned. Fortunately, instructors can count on Mentone Educational and its range of starter packs.

The starter packs at Mentone Educational usually include a number of CPR training manikins and accessories, enabling instructors to provide basic training as well as more advanced CPR techniques during their classes.

One of the starter packs we provide is the Prestan Family Starter Set, which includes adult,  child, and infant manikins. The pack also includes various accessories that can be used during CPR training; this ranges from mouth and lung bags to an EpiPen trainer. To learn more about the benefits of this starter set, please read the information provided by our team below.

Why Should I Choose Prestan Manikins For CPR Training?

Prestan is a brand that is well-known among CPR instructors. The brand stands for quality and durability, with manikins having a long lifespan. The Prestan manikins are also easy to use an maintain. So, all Prestan manikins have the key ingredients CPR instructors are looking for.

We must also mention that Prestan manikins can be combined with countless accessories such as lung bags and face shields. It is also possible to combine these manikins with AED trainers and EpiPen trainers, everything the modern CPR instructor requires.

How Do I Keep Prestan Manikins Maintained?

To keep your Prestan CPR training manikins in good condition, there are several things to consider. Below, we have written down a quick guide on how to maintain, clean, and store your manikins, so you can increase their lifespan and use them even longer.

When your CPR class is finished, and you want to store your training manikins, it is always a good idea to clean your manikins first. The easiest way to clean your manikin is to use a damp cloth. Use a solution of soap and water and dip the cloth in. Make sure you wring the cloth out well, so you do not use too much water or liquid on the training manikin.

Instructors can use common household cleaning products for more persistent stains on the training manikin. However, if you intend to use a cleaning product other than soap and water, make sure to check the product is suitable to use on the material. Most common cleaning products can be used, but it is recommended to avoid products that contain any form of wax, oil, or citrus.

The maintenance of your CPR training manikin also involves storing your manikin correctly. Prestan recommends storing your manikin in the accompanying carry bag. However, make sure the manikin is clean before you store it. You must also store the bag in an appropriate location. It is advised to store the carry bag in a place with approximately 50% humidity and relatively cool temperatures.

Can I Purchase More Mouth And Lung Bags From Mentone Educational If I Run Out?

Since this starter set already comes with mouth and lung bags, instructors do not have to purchase any for their first couple of classes. Of course, lung bags are replaced for each individual student, so instructors will need a new supply for future classes at one point.

Mentone Educational provides all its accessories separately as well as in the starter packs. So, if you need additional lung bags somewhere down the line, you can always come back to Mentone Educational to acquire more.

Does Mentone Educational Provide CPR Training Manikins From Other Brands?

Even though Prestan is one of our most popular brands, some instructors like a variety of manikin brands for their personal collection; this enables them to take advantage of different features, since each brand is unique.

At Mentone Educational, customers can find a variety of manikin brands. In addition to Prestan, we also offer Brayden, Basic Buddy, and 3bscientific. To see a full overview of all the training manikin brands we have to offer, head over to our CPR manikin range. Of course, do not forget to check out our collection of accessories either, since these can make your CPR training even more effective!

Mentone Educational also provides a range of simulation equipment to make your CPR training even more realistic. From moulages to dedicated makeup products for CPR training, you can find it all in our catalogue.

Would you rather discover our products in person opposed to viewing them in an online catalogue? You can always stop by at the Mentone Educational showroom, and our team will be more than happy to introduce you to our finest CPR products.

Don’t have the time to stop by at the Mentone Educational showroom? Do not hesitate to contact us by live chat or telephone for some immediate assistance.


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