Prestan Premium Starter Family Set - Pack of 4 Adults & 1 Infant

Includes 4 Adults and 1 Infant - Save $215!

This Prestan start pack is designed to start training without needing any other supplies. The pack is highly economical including a 4 pack of Adult Prestans, one infant Prestan and a training AED.
$1,608.00 ex GST
$1,768.80 inc GST

Mentone Educational is proud to offer the Prestan Adult and Infant start pack 4. The pack has been designed to suit start up instructors, schools or those looking to add to their existing equipment.

The start pack is designed to educate in first and CPR for both Adult and Infant and includes the following first aid supplies

  • Prestan Adult CPR 4 Pack 
  • Prestan Infant CPR Manikin (Single)
  • 50 each of adult and infant face shields (each packet contains 50)
  • 50 each of adult and infant prestan face shields (each packet contains 50)
  • MED10+  (XFT) AED trainer
  • 1 Tub of alchohol wipes (100 per tub)
  • CPR Super Pocket Mask Disposable
  • 3 x Keyring faceshields
  • 50 each of the triangualr and roller bandages
  • 2 x Epiper Trainers 

At the core of this starter pack is the award winning Prestan CPR manikin. This pack includes the Adult CPR manikin which has LED lights for feedback on the shoulder and the infant CPR manikin which has feedback on the nappy.

The Prestan manikin is the most cost effective manikin on the market which includes CPR feedback. Utilising LED lights the realtime feedback to the student will ensure improvement of CPR. All feedback is inline with the American Heart Association guidelines for quality CPR.

 The Feedback of the CPR is as follows:

  • Red Lights - fewer than 60 compressions per minute, red lights are used to indicate that pace needs to be increased significnatly
  • Orange Lights - rate is between  60-79 compressions per minute, orange lights indicate that CPR still far off the standard
  • Single Green Light - Rate is operating between 80-100 compressions per minute, green light used to indicate that quality CPR is there but could still be better hence only one green light
  • Two green lights at the same time - Rate is operating between 100-120 compressions per minute whch is good quality CPR

Mentone Educational have worked with trainers, paramedics, teachers and other providers to come up with the best packs available on the market. If however, something is missing or you need some advise feel free to contact us and we will be sure to help

Choose Quality With Premium CPR Manikins From Prestan

When you want the best for the students in your CPR classes, a good set of manikins is the first thing you will need. At Mentone Educational, customers can obtain CPR manikins from various brands; this includes the popular brand Prestan.

There are several Prestan CPR manikins to choose from at Mentone Educational. Of course, we also provide multiple manikins in one set, enabling instructors to get some excellent deals on their new CPR manikins. One of the sets on offer is our Prestan Premium Starter Family Set.

The Prestan Premium Starter Family Set contains everything an instructor needs for a CPR class. From beginners to more advanced students, this starter set can be used for all of them. If you wish to learn more about the contents of the Prestan Premium Starter Family Set, be sure to read the information below.

Why Should I Choose CPR Training Manikins From Prestan?

Prestan is a well-known brand. Their manikins are known to have a lengthy lifespan,  but also a bunch of features that prove useful for both instructor and students. Below, we have listed some of the main features accompanying the CPR manikins inside the Prestan Premium Starter Family Set.

Each of the CPR manikins included inside this set comes with a unique feedback system. The feedback system consists of an audible clicker as well as a series of lights. The clicker makes an audible sound when the correct compression depth is reached. The lights are indicators for compression speed. If the correct compression speed is reached, two green lights will appear. If incorrect compression speed is obtained, then either a red light, yellow light, or one green light will appear.

Please note that a single green light means the student is executing between 80 to 100 compressions per minute; this means CPR quality is obtained, but the ideal rate is between 100-120 compressions (two green lights).

In addition to coming with a bunch of features, the manikins that are included inside this set are easy to maintain. They can also be stored easily in the accompanying carry bag that comes inside this set.

Should I Include The EpiPen Or AED Trainer In CPR Training?

Inside the Prestan Premium Starter Family Set, instructors can also find many additional trainers; this includes the EpiPen trainer and the AED trainer. Both can contribute to the CPR training of an instructor, as training in automated external defibrillation and allergy treatment can certainly save more lives than training in chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth alone.

Do you already own Prestan manikins and looking to obtain an additional EpiPen trainer or an AED trainer? No worries, as these items are available separately at Mentone Educational.

What If One Of The Accessories Inside This Family Set Runs Out?

There are several accessories included inside this set, which enables instructors to provide their CPR classes immediately. Of course, some of the accessories inside this set; for example, the face shields and lung bags, may require replacing over time. Fortunately, all the accessories included inside this family set can be obtained separately at Mentone Educational.  

How Should I Store The Items Inside The Prestan Premium Starter Family Set?

To ensure a lengthy lifespan for all your supplies inside the starter family set, Prestan recommends storing your manikins and accessories appropriately. If you intend to store the manikins for longer than thirty days, we do recommend removing the batteries from the internal CPR rate monitor. Due to the clamshell design, it is easy to gain access to the interior of the manikin.

Before storing your manikins and accessories, please ensure to give your manikins a quick wipe down. A damp cloth with some soap and water is more than enough to keep your manikin clean. Then, store your manikins in the accompanying carry bag. Of course, it is also advised to store your carry bag in a cool and dry place. Also, make sure the humidity in the room does not exceed 50%.

Can I Obtain Prestan Manikins Individually On Mentone Educational?

While we recommend the packs for instructors who still need to obtain all their supplies for CPR training, some instructors already own quite a bit of equipment. If you already own a couple of manikins and simply want to obtain another one of the latest manikins from Prestan, you can obtain them separately from Mentone Educational too.

In addition to Prestan, Mentone Educational provides manikins from other brands too; this includes Brayden and Basic Buddy. If you are looking at other options for your training equipment, be sure to check out our alternatives too.

Would you like to test one of our training manikins before you purchase it? Feel free to visit our showroom and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist.


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