Prestan Adult Starter Pack - Single

Perfect basic Prestan package for small classes

This starter pack has all you need to start a basic CPR training course. The included preston manikin has CPR feedback and we have provided all the basic first aid supplies for your training needs
$365.00 ex GST
$401.50 inc GST

Mentone Educational is pleased to offer a range of CPR starter packs perfect for new RTOs, trainers and packs.

This start back is specifically designed for small classes and contains the following items:

  • 1 x Prestan Adult Single 
  • 1 x Pack of Prestan Adult Face Shields (50 in each pack)
  • 1 x Pack of Prestan Adult Lung Bags (50 in each pack)
  • 1 x CPR Pocket Mask
  • 3 x Keyring Faceshields
  • 20 x Cotton Crepe Bandages
  • 20 x Calcio Cotton Bandages

The Prestan Manikin is the most cost effective CPR manikin on the market which provides LED lights for feedback of compression depth and speed.

Mentone Educational are the leaders in first aid and CPR manikins and are more than happy to assist you with your reuqirements so feel free to ask one of our trained staff members.

What Essentials Are Required For CPR Training?

CPR instructors who are about to teach their first class will need some essentials to teach certain techniques properly. These essentials can easily be obtained from Mentone Educational, as we provide them separately as well as in multipacks. But which essentials does a CPR instructor require? Read our article below to find out!

What Is The First Essential I Require As A CPR Instructor?

One of the first essentials, and the most important essential for CPR instructors, is the CPR training manikin. There are various training manikins to choose from; this includes the infant, child, and adult CPR manikin.

When your budget is limited, you usually do not obtain more than one training manikin. If this is the case, an adult CPR training manikin is the one to grab. However, if you do have the budget for additional training manikins, we heavily recommend an infant and child manikin too.

The amount of CPR training manikins you require will depend heavily on the number of students in your classes. If you tend to teach smaller classes of four to five people, you can usually get by with anything between one and three manikins. However, if you teach larger classes with up to twenty students, you will need at least five manikins to provide each student with enough practice time.

While a training manikin per student is most beneficial, most CPR instructors do not have that kind of budget when they are just starting out. That being said, Mentone Educational does provide affordable multipacks for instructors who want to buy more than one training manikin to start.

What Is The Second Essential I Require As A CPR Instructor?

To provide a more realistic experience during CPR class, and to keep the internal structure of your CPR manikin as sanitary as possible, we also count the lung bag as an essential. A lung bag is inserted into a training manikin, delivering a number of functions.

When mouth-to-mouth is executed on a training manikin with a lung bag, the lung bag inside will start to inflate. Naturally, this creates a realistic rise and fall of the chest. Of course, the air blown in by the student is also caught by the lung bag. So, if you replace the lung bag after each student, the interior of the CPR training manikin remains hygienic.

What Is The Third Essential I Require As A CPR Instructor?

We also recommend that CPR training instructors obtain some face shields for their training. Much like lung bags, face shield can become a barrier between the student and the manikin. The face shield is applied over the mouth of the manikin, so when mouth-to-mouth is applied, no saliva or bacteria are directly encountering the manikin. When the student is done, the face shield can be removed and a new one applied.

Face shields are included in this starter pack from Mentone Educational. Of course, customers can also apply face shield separately when they need a new supply. So, once the face shields from your starter pack have run out, do not hesitate to come back to Mentone Educational.

What Is The Fourth Essential I Require As A CPR Instructor?

Even instructors who use face shields and lung bags should obtain some alcohol wipes. Before you finish a class, it can be a good idea to give the critical areas of the manikin a quick wipe-down; this includes the mouth and the chest.

Of course, there are additional ways to keep your manikins maintained outside of class. You can wipe down the manikin with a damp cloth, dipped in some water and soap. You can also use cleaning products often found in households, providing they do not contain any oil, wax, or citrus.

What Are Some Additional Items I Can Obtain For CPR Training?

Once you have your essentials, and you have some budget left, you can check out some of the additional products in our catalogue. Naturally, each of these products could make your CPR class even better.

Common items we recommend in addition to the essentials we mentioned above include: AED trainer, EpiPen trainer, CPR pocket mask, and bandages. Of course, there are additional products we have not mentioned yet, so be sure to check out all the options in our online catalogue.

Can I View Essential CPR Instructor Equipment In Person?

A lot of our customers prefer to visit our showroom and get familiar with our equipment in person. During your visit, you can also request a demonstration from one of our representatives, enabling you to make an informed decision where training manikins are concerned.

Do you need more information about one of the products we mentioned today? Or could you use advice on the essential equipment for CPR instructors? Do not hesitate to contact our team via telephone or live chat.


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