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BGEI - ReaLife Sim

Like other consumables, the ReaLifeSim products satisfy a current and on-going need in a global market place. Current labor statics indicate the aging population of providers combined with the increased longevity of the world population creates a shortage of new providers. The need for competent healthcare providers at every level and in every location ensures the continued demand for this new interactive, integrated scale-able product line. 

Clinical healthcare simulation is the current trend for training and assessing healthcare professionals using advanced technology. Basically, clinical simulation provides the experiential learning every medical and healthcare professional will need, but may not experience during real-life patient encounters. Virtual and mixed reality worlds are also powerful learning environments which can be used to engage learner’s multiple senses and facilitate complex, authentic and simulated experiences. But, there is no substitute for the actual practice and assessment of specific requisite skills in an authentic setting.

BGEI recognizes and claims by enhancing the realism of standardized participants with cost effective wearable clinical simulation devices, healthcare students and clinicians can be provided the opportunity to interact with a human and receive realtime objective & subjective performance feedback contributing to the most realistic clinical simulation possible. 

BGEI's ReaLifeSim & VetReaLifeSim product lines provide interactive and integrated wearable clinical education simulation devices.