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                       Mentone Educational Student Research Scholarship 2018


   Mentone Educational Supplies is pleased to announce that Ryan Hirsch has been

           awarded the Mentone Educational Student Research Scholarship 2018.


As a medical honour’s student at Monash University, Ryan  Hirsch's innovative  research  involving  a 
comparison of non-curative therapies used to treat Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) - the 
most common 

malignancy of Liver cancer. 

The grant given to Ryan Hirsch will directly support conducting this study, which  will  assist  clinicians in
formulating optimal treatment outcomes, ultimately bettering the quality  of life of people  diagnosed
with HCC.


Mentone Educational Supplies thanks every applicant for the quality and calibre of their submission for 
the Mentone Educational Student Research Scholarship 2018. 

As a leader in the supply of cutting-edge medical training and educational products nationwide, Mentone 
Educational Supplies proudly supports students in reaching their full potential to become  
medical and healthcare professionals.


                           Mentone Educational Supplies also wish to express our appreciation

                                                    to the scholarship review panellists.


A/Professor Stephen Macfarlane, Head of Clinical Services,   Mr. Michael Kornhauser,  Head  of 

Neurodegenerative Clinical Trial Research and Mr. Paul Cortissos, Research Scientist, 

for  their time and work in kindly assessing all the scholarship applications.