Chest Drain Simulator

This innovative design not only simulates realistic body tissue but provides an alternative to the use of animals.


  • The popping effect of passing through the pleura is realistic and a unique feature
  • A drain can be securely sutured into position
  • Replaceable flesh section which can be used for up to 16–20 incisions
  • Pericardiocentesis where fluid can be drawn into a syringe
  • A realistic Tension Pneumothorax where air can clearly be heard and felt exhaling between the second and third ribs
  • Arm removed for easy access and extended for anatomical relevance
  • Effective alternative to using animal tissue
  • Incisions can be made through flesh section surgically dividing the tissue with blunt forceps until pleural cavity clearly felt by finger insertion
  • Complete finger rotation is possible, allowing the trainee to ensure that there are no obstructions before a drainage system can be introduced
  • Strong sucker feet secure the trainer during use
  • No preparation, no refrigeration, no messy disposal after use, no unpleasant odours
  • Enables practice of pleural aspiration/tap
  • Can be filled with different coloured fluids to demonstrate variable conditions


  • Torso with encased ribs
  • Replaceable chest wall

Replacement Parts:


Mentone Educational’s Best ATLS Simulators

Mentone Educational provides training equipment for clinicians around Australia. One category of training equipment we provide is the ATLS simulator, instructing students in advanced trauma life support. Since these trainers are often used in medical schools and clinics, there are many clinicians and instructors who purchase these trainers from Mentone Educational.

Customers who want to get familiar with our range of advanced trauma life support simulators can check out our overview below. In this overview, clinicians can find our finest simulators and their benefits. So, be sure to read on if you have an interest in this training equipment.

What Is the First Suggested ATLS Trainer at Mentone Educational?

There are many simulators that are popular among clinicians at Mentone Educational. One of these trainers is the Chest Drain Simulator, which can be filled with numerous coloured fluids to simulate a variety of conditions.

Our Chest Drain Simulator is remarkably realistic, providing a good alternative to practicing on animals. The simulator has a drain that can be sutured in the correct position and incisions can be made on the simulator as well.

Clinicians can expect numerous benefits from the Chest Drain Simulator. The simulator does not require any preparation, nor does it require a messy disposal afterwards. Therefore, it is no surprise that this simulator is one of our bestsellers.

What Is the Second Suggested ATLS Trainer at Mentone Educational?

There is another fluid management trainer in our range that should be considered by clinicians, more specifically the Humerus Intraosseous Trainer. With this trainer, students can learn everything they need to know about the access procedure for fluid management.

The Humerus Intraosseous Trainer provides three orientations; these orientations enable demonstration of correct application. The trainer also has the correct hallmarks that enable accurate and safe access for fluid administration.

What Is the Third Suggested ATLS Trainer at Mentone Educational?

Another good trainer in our range of simulators is the Mini Cricotracheotomy Trainer Individual. This non-biological trainer simulates the laryngeal body tissue perfectly, ensuring plenty of applications for medical simulations.

Adding the Mini Cricotracheotomy Trainer to your arsenal comes with numerous benefits. However, one of the main benefits is its low cost. Schools and classes have to stick to a budget, so many instructors will use this option.

What Is the Fourth Suggested ATLS Trainer at Mentone Educational?

There is another great choice in our range of ATLS trainers, the Life/Form Chest Tube Manikin. With the Life/Form Chest Tube Manikin, students can learn all the concepts and mechanics of closed water-seal drainage systems; this will pave to way for students to learn more in-depth about pre-hospital trauma.

With the Life/Form Chest Tube Manikin, instructors can teach their students theory, anatomy, and even practical skills. The manikin even contains visual sites for maintenance as well as replacement surgical chest tube sites.

When you choose the Life/Form Chest Tube Manikin, you can also count on a five year warranty. So, when you get your simulators and trainers from Mentone Educational, you can always rely on exceptional quality.

What Other Simulation Equipment Is Available at Mentone Educational?

Mentone Educational has a huge range of simulation equipment; this includes training systems related to advanced life support, CPR, basic life support, first aid, simulated medications, airway management, obstetrics, ultrasound, and much more. To get a full overview of all the simulation equipment available at Mentone Educational, please head over to the main menu and check out the subcategories by hovering over the “simulation” tab.

Do you have a question about our simulators or trainers? Get in touch with the Mentone Educational team via email, telephone, or chat.


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