Sakamoto Fit On Male Catheter Simulator 2

Catheterization is one of the basic skills all nursing students must learn, and to learn the techniques, they must practice.

Balloon catheter indwelling and smother catheter 
insertion are possible.

The Life/form simulator allows demonstration and practice in urinary catheterization without embarrassment or discomfort to the patient or the students.

In addition, the catheterization simulator is useful for anatomical identification and demonstration of perineal care. With the re-designed Life/form Male Catheterization Simulator, catheterization can be practiced just as on a real patient.

A lubricated catheter can be inserted in the urethral orifice, passed through the urethra, and into the bladder. When the bladder is successfully entered, artificial urine (water) will flow from the catheter. The student will feel the normal restrictions caused by the mucosal folds, bulbous urethra, and the internal urethral sphincter, just prior to entrance into the bladder.

The experience teaches proper positioning and movement of the penis to allow the catheter to pass easily with a minimum of discomfort to the patient. Just as in a real patient, the cuff must be completely deflated before the catheter is removed. Improper use of a Foley catheter can result in damage to the simulator, just as when using a Foley catheter with a real patient. 

Practice while wearing

  • Training in actual posture
  • Realistic practice
  • Training in cleansing of private parts possible

Practice using receiving stand

  • Can study on a table.


  • The external genitalia is made true to nature.
  • The pelvis is built-in. You can practice learning the catheter angle according to the bladder’s position.
  • You can learn while observing balloon catheter insertion skills and indwelling conditions. You can learn actual resistance and pressure. 
  • Urine (water) actually flows by catheterization.
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