Aeroshield CPR Manikin Face Shield - Sachet x 10

Individual Sachets

AeroShield CPR Face Shield are suitable for protected mouth-to-mouth resuscitation training

$25.00 GST free

Aeroshield Disposable Face Shield - Individual Sachets

A mannikin CPR face shield supplied in individual sachets for training purposes.


  • CPR Mannikin Face Shields
  • A mannequin CPR face shield supplied in individual sachets for training purposes
  • The new advanced film which feels like skin.
  • New heat welded antimicrobial filter.
DIMENSIONS: 6 x 6 x 3 cm
WEIGHT: 100 g


What Equipment Do I Require for CPR Training?

A lot of new CPR instructors often wander what kind of equipment they require for their CPR classes. Fact is, there is much equipment out there that could prove remarkably functional for your CPR classes. Of course, there is a difference between the essentials and the add-ons, even though the latter can make your classes even better.

To help new instructors put together their starter kit with all the essentials, we have listed an overview with essential equipment below. Please read on if you require a comprehensive guide for your first CPR equipment kit.

What Is the First Essential I Need for CPR Classes?

One of the first essentials required for your CPR class is a good training manikin. At Mentone Educational, you can find a bunch of manikins that will meet your requirement; this includes anything from adult training manikins to infant manikins. We even have specialist training equipment such as the bariatric manikin, enabling your students to train their techniques in the event they must treat an obese patient.

Instructors can buy their training manikins individually from our catalogue, but there is also an option to buy multiple training manikins with one of our multipacks. Buying one of our multipacks can be more cost-effective if you require multiple training manikins, so be sure to consider this option if you require more than one manikin for your CPR classes.

What Is the Second Essential I Need for CPR Classes?

In addition to a training manikin, instructors can also obtain some face shields or lung bags. Face shields and lung bags are used to add more realism to the training manikin, more specifically by providing a more realistic rise and fall of the chest. They also make training manikins more sanitary, since each face shield and/or lung bag can be removed after a student has practiced on the manikin.

Face shields and lung bags are available individually at Mentone Educational. However, we often include these accessories in our manikin multipacks too. If you intend on buying one of our multipacks, be sure to check if your pack already contains some face shields and/or lung bags.

What Is the Third Essential I Need for CPR Classes?

The final essential we recommend for CPR instructors is the AED trainer. AED stands for automated external defibrillator and is used on patients who have suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. These types of defibrillators are commonly found in public places and can be used by most people. However, training with the automated external defibrillator in combination with first aid could save the life of someone who suffered sudden cardiac arrest.

Mentone Educational provides a number of AED trainers. We offer them as standalone trainers, but we also included some in our multipacks, which could save you some money if you need a combination of training manikins, face shields, lung bags, and an AED trainer. However, if you solely require an AED trainer, the individual option may be more suitable for you.

Can I Buy Premade Starter Kits at Mentone Educational?

Instructors who would rather buy a premade starter kit can find many options at Mentone Educational. Our premade starter kits contain all the essentials we mentioned earlier, and sometimes some extras too. So, if you do not want to make your own starter kit with individual purchases from our site, be sure to check the available starter kits too.

Do you have a question about one of our starter kits? Or could you use advice on available products? Feel free to contact our team via telephone or email for some additional information.



  • 'NEW RELEASE' CPR Mannequin Face Shield
  • A mannequin CPR face shield supplied on a roll in a dispensing box for CPR Mannequin training.
  • The new advanced film which feels like skin.
  • New dispenser box for ease of dispensing.
  • New heat welded antimicrobial filter.
Brand Aero Healthcare
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