Prestan Adult, Infant & AED Trainer Starter Pack

1 Adult & 1 Infant CPR Manikin & AED Trainer - Save $112

This starter pack is great for demonstrating Adult and Infant CPR Training with an AED Trainer. The included Prestan manikins have CPR feedback and the AED Trainer includes all the functions needed to teach your students about AED operation at an economical price.

$615.00 ex GST
$676.50 inc GST

Mentone Educational is proud to offer the Prestan Adult and Infant CPR Manikins together with an affordable AED Trainer in our Starter Kit Range. The highly realistic Prestan range of manikins are the most ecnomical and lightweight CPR manikin on the market and the XFT AED Trainer includes all the functions needed to teach your students about AED operation at an economical price.

Prestan Manikin Features:

The Adult manikin is designed with both the teacher and student in mind. With specifically designed face shields training can be effective and safe whilst also offering highly realistic chest rise and fall. The manikin weighs almost half of the nearest rival and is the only one in the price bracket to provide real time feedback.

The Prestan Infant CPR Manikin is the most realistic cost effective infant manikin on the market.

The Prestan range offers feedback in the form of a clicker for compression depth and LED lights which show quality CPR across depth and speed. Different coloured lights are used on the shoulder of the manikin to show respective quality of CPR and whether the rate needs to alter to reach optimal CPR.

The CPR rate monitor is designed in line with the 100-120 compressions per minute guidlines as stated by the American Heart Association. Specifically the feedback follows the following patterns:

  • Red Lights - Speed is less than 60 compressions per minute and the rate needs to be increased significantly
  • Orange Lights - Speed is between 60-79 and speed is still well below what is required for high quality CPR
  • Single Green Light - Rate is 80-100 and indicates good CPR but an increase in speed will still provide better survival outcomes
  • Dual green lights indicate that the student is performing in the quality CPR zone of 100-120 compressions per minute
  • New yellow light in the middle of two greens indicates that the student is exceeding the 120 compressions per minute and should slow down their CPR

Each Prestan manikin includes a 10 pack of face shields and lung bags to allow for easy setup.

AA batteries are required to run the LED lights in each manikin (not included). 

The AED trainer (Automatic External Defibrillator Trainer) XFT-120C+ is designed to effectively train the emergency responder in the use of a clinical Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). This training unit provides a variety of pre-programmed scenarios to help responders become familiar with the defibrillator and allow them to demonstrate the basic skills necessary to use the defibrillator in an emergency.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry unit
  • Fully compliant with AHA 2015 guidelines
  • Easy to install/replace module that has our pre-programmed scenarios in 2 languages (currently English/Spanish)
  • Remote control unit provides instructors with easy access to changing scenarios and ability to pause play for classroom discussion. Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included.
  • 8 pre-programmed scenarios provide useful training and troubleshooting options for students.
  • Adult and Child pads and training connectors are included for complete training.
  • Uses 3 AA batteries (not included) or A/C Adapter which is sold separately.
  • 1 year warranty.

Enjoy Affordable Yet Advanced CPR Manikins With This Starter Pack!

Prestan provides superior quality above all else but does it at an affordable price! At Mentone Educational, customers can take full advantage of these manikins; this includes this starter pack from Prestan. To learn more about this starter pack, please read the information provided by Mentone Educational below.

Who Could Benefit From Acquiring The Prestan Adult, Infant & AED Trainer Starter Pack?

There are many CPR instructors who could benefit from acquiring this starter pack; this goes from beginning CPR instructors to experienced instructors. Beginners can acquire everything they need for their current and future classes, while experienced instructors can build upon their existing collection.

What Are The Benefits Of The Prestan Adult, Infant & AED Trainer Starter Pack?

CPR instructors can count on numerous benefits when they choose one of these starter packs; this goes from the quality of the manikins to the outstanding functionality of the AED trainer. Below, we have listed each of these benefits in a bit more detail.

The Prestan manikins that have been included in this starter pack are an adult training manikin and infant manikin. Having both these manikins available allows for more detailed training. CPR instructors can instruct their students on infant CPR as well as adult CPR. So, no matter in which environment CPR instruction is provided, the instructor can provide a full instruction.

Of course, one cannot forget the importance of the AED trainer that has been included inside this pack. An AED trainer enables instructors to combine their CPR training with automated external defibrillation training, preparing them better for emergencies in the real world.

Please note that the products inside this pack come with a feedback system. Feedback systems prove incredibly useful, as they can provide students with feedback without the need of interference from the instructor. For larger CPR classes, this can certainly prove advantageous for instructors too.

We always recommend that CPR instructors obtain more than one manikin for their training, even if they only teach small classes. Multiple manikins make it easier for your students to practice properly, mastering the techniques and possibly saving someone’s life in the future.

Does Mentone Educational Provide AED Trainers Separately?

Some CPR instructors visit Mentone Educational because they would like to add an AED trainer to their current collection of CPR training equipment. Because of the fact that these instructors already have a selection of manikins, they only require the AED trainer. Fortunately, we do provide AED trainers separately at Mentone Educational.

Each of the products that has been included in this starter pack is available separately at Mentone Educational. So, if you would prefer to buy any of these products individually, simply look at our simulation catalogue to find the items you need.

Please note that customers of Mentone Educational can check out the products in real life too. Customers are more than welcome to visit our showroom, where a member of our staff can demonstrate some of the CPR training equipment that we have available.

Our range of products is not limited to CPR training equipment, as Mentone Educational also provides stethoscopes, charts, posters, anatomy models, and much more. Therefore, it is no surprise that Mentone Educational is the place to be for many medical professionals, instructors, and teachers.

How Can I Contact Mentone Educational For More Information About This Starter Pack?

Customers who need more information about these starter packs can contact Mentone Educational via telephone. You can also use the live chat function on our website, which is also available during office hours. Customers can also visit our showroom for face-to-face assistance.


More FAQ's

The trainer scenario doesn’t advance past “put pads on the manikin”.

Prestan training pads have a unique and patented sensing system. Be sure that the sensor, the round white disk in the center of the training pad’s adhesive side, is firmly adhered to a surface. 


How long will my pads last?

The adhesive on the back of Prestan Pads will last through approximately 50-60 applications. Remove and discard the plastic protective film from new pads and adhere the pads to the insides of the Pad Case between uses. This will extend the life of the adhesive.


What do I do when my pads no longer stick to the manikin?

AED Trainer Pads are a consumable item and are not covered under warranty. Replacement pads may be purchased from your distributor.


Will the pads work on a manikin that isn’t Prestan?

Yes, the special adhesive works best on Prestan manikin skin, but it has been tested with other manikins and will work fine with most.


Will the Prestan Remote for the AED Trainer work with more than one AED Trainer?

The Prestan AED Trainer Remote will control all the AED Trainers within its signal range.  The range extends from the remote in a “V” pattern, widening with distance.  The depth of the range will vary, extending 10-20 feet away from the remote (a hard-surfaced floor will bounce the signal and may allow the depth of the range to extend 20 feet while a carpeted floor will absorb the signal, keeping the depth of the range closer to 10 feet).


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