Mentone Adult Face Shields - Pack of 100

High Quality Manikins Faceshield for all uses

The MedShield is the most affordable faceshield on the market. Designed to be used with multiple manikin types, the MedShield has 100 individually wrapped faceshields to facilitate safe and effective training.
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$60.50 inc GST

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Affordable and high quality manikin faceshield which can be used across multiple manikin brands. Mentone Educational is pleased to offer the MedShield 100 range which is perfect for trainers to hand out to each student and ensure a safe training environment.

Each packet includes 100 individually wrapped faceshields and is designed specificall for training.

Buy 5 or more units and the price is reduced to $50 + GST

Uncover The Benefits Of Face Shields And Other Accessories Used For CPR Training!

While a CPR training manikin is one of the essentials required for CPR training, there are some accessories that can make your CPR training better and more effective. One of these accessories is the face shield, which keeps your manikins sanitary with minimal effort.

Today, we introduce you to some of the benefits associated with CPR training accessories. We have included the popular face shield, but also additional accessories that are often included in training. So, if you are thinking about enriching your training with the latest accessories, be sure to check out our overview below.

What Is The Face Shield Used For?

Face shields are used in combination with a CPR training manikin. The face shield covers the mouth of the manikin, forming a barrier between the manikin’s mouth and the mouth of the student. As a result, the face shield can prevent bacteria ending up on the manikin.

To ensure maximum hygiene during CPR classes, it is advised to change the face shield for each student. Once the student has stopped practicing, remove the face shield they have used and apply a new one.

While face shields are by no means obligated, many instructors prefer to use them instead of alcohol wipes. They are not only beneficial for hygiene though, as protecting the manikin with a face shield can also prevent it against premature damage.

What Is The Lung Bag Used For?

Lung bags are accessories that should be considered for every CPR class, as they come with countless benefits. A lung bag has a function that is similar to that of the face shield. Of course, like the face shield, the lung bag provides more than one benefit.

When a lung bag is inserted on the inside of the CPR training manikin, it can provide a more realistic rise and fall of the chest. When mouth-to-mouth is given, the bag inside the manikin gets inflated. Naturally, this makes the entire training experience more realistic when a visible rise and fall of the chest is provided.

In addition to providing a realistic rise and fall of the chest, the lung bag can also catch the breath of the student providing mouth-to-mouth. Some bacteria are airborne, which means another student could get sick from breathing in the same air. Fortunately, this is not a problem, since lung bags are replaced between students. Subsequently, they also protect the interior of the manikin against bacteria.

Finally, our breath contains some degree of moisture, which could influence the interior of the manikin over time. While you may not experience any problems initially, moisture can cause some havoc over time, especially when the interior is not maintained properly. Therefore, we recommend lung bags for those instructors who are often in a rush and do not have the time for detailed maintenance after each CPR class.

What Is An AED Trainer Used For?

Another accessory you can find in our catalogue is the automated external defibrillator trainer. Automated external defibrillators are used by members of the public to provide emergency treatment to someone who has suffered sudden cardiac arrest. Since the system is automatic, little training is required to use one.

Of course, students can benefit from learning a combination of CPR and automated external defibrillation. Even though automated external defibrillators are pretty straightforward, using one correctly in combination with CPR demands some skill. Therefore, we urge instructors to include the automated external defibrillator to their training.

Mentone Educational provides various automated external defibrillator trainers from a variety of brands. We also provide you with the most affordable options, ensuring your get the best value for your hard-earned money.

What Other Accessories Could I Add To CPR Training In Australia?

We already mentioned the most important accessories to include, but there are many others to consider. Additional accessories we recommend to CPR instructors include the EpiPen, moulage kits, casualty simulation equipment, medication simulation, and loads more.

At Mentone Educational, customers can find one of the largest catalogues of CPR and emergency simulation equipment; this ranges from CPR to fire rescue manikins. We also provide advanced trainers such as AED’s and medication simulation, so instructors can certainly find the quality equipment they need for their classes.

Instructors who are interested in some of our CPR training equipment can come to our showroom for a detailed demonstration. When you visit our showroom, a member of our staff can introduce you to our product range, but also provide you with a demonstration if you require one.

Do not have the time to visit our showroom and experience our range of CPR equipment in person? Do you have a question about our equipment? Do not hesitate to contact the Mentone Educational team via telephone, email, or live chat.


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