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SmartMan is designed to achieve high performance CPR. It provides rugged manikins able to take continued pounding yet retain accuracy.


Accuracy. SmartMan training products are scientific instruments that provide accurate measurement of all parameters which relate to CPR performance. Tolerances are well beyond what a person is able to perceive.


Threshold. The words Quality CPR do not have meaning until they are defined and able to be objectively measured. SmartMan provides the accuracy required and reliable measurement so that the threshold of performance indicated in the science can be met.


Verifiable. An activity will give a score on how well a skill is performed. You also have immediate access to an analysis where the performance parameters are put into a chart. And if you want, the data points for each performance is available immediately.


Educational Metric. Objective evidence based evaluation of skills performance is essential to developing a body of people who are able to perform correctly. SmartMan gives individuals and trainers a way to establish the proper objective evaluation of skills.