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Littmann Classic III Burgundy (5627) & Aneroid Sphygo

Littmann Classic III Burgundy (5627) & Aneroid

SKU: PE2265

$170.00 ex GST
$187.00 inc GST

Littmann Classic III Caribbean Blue-Rainbow Finish (5807) & Aneroid Sphygo

Littmann Classic III Caribbean Blue-Rainbow Finish

SKU: PE2263

$182.00 ex GST
$200.20 inc GST

Littmann Classic III Navy (5622) & Aneroid Sphygo

Littmann Classic III Navy (5622) & Aneroid Sph

SKU: PE2264

$170.00 ex GST
$187.00 inc GST

Littmann Classic III Raspberry-Rainbow Finish (5806) & Aneroid Sphygo

Littmann Classic III Raspberry-Rainbow Finish (580

SKU: PE2262

$182.00 ex GST
$200.20 inc GST

Littmann Classic III Stethoscope Black (5620) & Aneroid Sphygo

Littmann Classic III Stethoscope Black (5620) &

SKU: PE2260

$170.00 ex GST
$187.00 inc GST

Littmann Classic III Stethoscope Black-Smoke Finish (5811) & Aneroid Sphygo

Littmann Classic III Stethoscope Black-Smoke Finis

SKU: PE2261

$182.00 ex GST
$200.20 inc GST

Stethoscope Identification Tag

Stethoscope Identification Tag

SKU: PE3001_

Priced from
$21.00 ex GST
$23.10 inc GST

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Want to Get More Familiar with Stethoscope Accessories in Australia? Find Out at Mentone Educational!

A stethoscope is a vital tool for diagnosis and can be enhanced with all types of accessories. Today, we take a closer look at the best accessories for stethoscopes. So, whether you are a doctor, a nurse, or a student, be sure to read through our handy overview below.

What Are Some of the Littmann Stethoscope Accessories?

Littmann does not only manufacture some of the best stethoscopes in the world, they also deliver some nice accessories to accompany the official Littmann stethoscopes.

In the accessories range of Littmann, medical professionals can find items such as unique coloured binaurals, chestpieces with different finishes, battery accessories, identification tags, and spare part kits. So, with the accessories from Littmann, you can keep your stethoscope in excellent condition for years to come.

What Are Common Nurse Stethoscope Accessories?

There are many unique accessories available for nurse stethoscopes. Depending on the brand you obtain, you will find that the manufacturer of your stethoscope provides some of these accessories already. However, you can also buy some unbranded accessories to make your stethoscope more functional.

One prime example of an accessory for a nurse’s stethoscope is an adapted nursing watch. The watch comes with a special lock, which can be attached to the stethoscope for additional convenience.

Another great example of a nurse’s stethoscope accessory is the ID ring, which can be fastened around the binaurals of the stethoscope. An ID ring can be engraved with the name of the nurse, or other things that make the stethoscope your own.

What Are Common Paediatric Stethoscope Accessories?

Most accessories for paediatric stethoscopes are quite unique since most of them are made to make a stethoscope more cheerful and colourful. While you are in no way obligated to obtain one of those unique stethoscope accessories, it certainly makes a stethoscope look less intimidating.

One example of an accessory that could be used for a paediatric stethoscope is a stethoscope cover. Stethoscope covers even come in funny shapes, colours, and designs, so there is no limit to the personalisation you can obtain with one of these covers.

What Are Common Stethoscope Accessories in Australia?

While there are countless stethoscope accessories out there that could make your stethoscope stand out, the most common stethoscope accessories in Australia are usually the replacement kits.

Inside a replacement kit, medical professionals can find quality replacement parts for their stethoscope. Therefore, it is important to match the brand of the accessories to the brand of your stethoscope. For example, if you have a Littmann stethoscope, make sure you obtain a replacement kit with Littmann accessories.

A replacement kit may contain a variety of items; this includes non-chill rims, replacement diaphragms, ear tips, bell sleeves, identification tags, and much more. Check out our accessories range today to find the best replacement kit for your stethoscope!

What Are Some Cool Stethoscope Accessories?

Want to make your stethoscope stand out from everyone else’s? Then you might need one of the cool stethoscope accessories available today. There are loads to choose from, but one of our personal favourites is the themed ID tag.

You can get many normal ID tags for stethoscopes nowadays, but none stands out so much as the themed ID tag. Medical professionals can obtain a themed ID tag with a comic book theme, neon colours, and even ID tags in a funky lace material. Who said a stethoscope cannot be fun or stylish?

What Are Some Cute Stethoscope Accessories?

There are some remarkably cute stethoscope accessories available too these days, especially when you take a closer look at the accessories range for paediatricians and veterinarians. Below, we have listed some of our favourites.

One of the cutest stethoscope accessories for veterinarians today is the dog-themed stethoscope sleeve. As the name suggests, the accessory resembles a cute cuddly dog toy. Of course, the fun theme is not the only reason to get such a unique sleeve for your veterinarian stethoscope since this sleeve also protects the tubing material against common types of damage.

Of course, paediatricians could also consider one of the fun & cute stethoscope sleeves available today. Stethoscope sleeves come in all types of unique designs; this includes fun animals such as monkeys, cats, lizards, zebras, and loads more. Children are bound to love the cuddly sleeve on the stethoscope, so be sure to obtain one if you want to make your paediatrics stethoscope stand out more.

Where Can I Get More Information About Stethoscope Accessories?

Do you need additional information about the stethoscope accessories available at Mentone Educational? Or are you looking for something specific? Do not hesitate to get in touch with the Mentone Educational team for more information. Simply contact us by email, telephone, or instant messaging for some assistance.