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Stethoscope Identification Tag - Black (2170) Stethoscope Identification Tag - Black (2170) PE3001
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  • I.D. tag provides easy identification of stethoscope.
  • Mail-order engraving service information included with I.D. tag for easy, high-quality engraving option.
  • ‚ÄčAvailable in Black or Grey

Want an Accessory to Personalise Your Stethoscope? Check Out Our New Stethoscope Identification Tag!

At Mentone Educational, you can find the best stethoscopes as well as some cool accessories to personalise your medical equipment. Today, we are covering one of our latest additions, the Stethoscope Identification Tag. Read on to discover why you should obtain this stylish stethoscope accessory from Mentone Educational!

Why Should I Add an Identification Tag on My Stethoscope?

One of the reasons why we recommend an identification tag for your stethoscope is theft or loss prevention. When you work in a large medical environment such as a hospital or a clinic, it is not uncommon for your stethoscope to be picked up by other medical professionals. By adding a cool new identification tag around your stethoscope, everyone knows that the stethoscope is yours, making it less likely someone picks it up by mistake.

Of course, adding an identification tag to your stethoscope also allows you to style your stethoscope. In a large medical environment, all stethoscopes start to look the same, even if you have obtained a stethoscope with a unique binaural colour. However, with one of our cool identification tags, your stethoscope will stand out from all the rest.

What Is Special About This Stethoscope Identification Tag?

The Stethoscope Identification Tag at Mentone Educational provides medical professionals with the perfect combination of style, personalisation, and functionality. The tag can be engraved with any writing of your choice upon ordering, giving your stethoscope a whole new look and feel!

Engravings on the stethoscope identification tags at Mentone Educational are done with high-quality engraving. If you had an ID tag in the past that lost its beauty quickly, you will not experience this problem with the quality identification tags and engravings available at Mentone Educational.

How Do I Attach This Stethoscope Identification Tag to My Stethoscope?

Attaching the Stethoscope Identification Tag around your stethoscope is easy. The tag is designed to fit around the binaurals, so simply fasten it around the binaural and fasten it with the locking mechanism incorporated in the design. It only takes a couple of seconds!

Is This Identification Tag Compatible with My Stethoscope?

Many medical professionals wonder if this Stethoscope Identification Tag will fit on their stethoscope. The Stethoscope Identification Tag is made by Littmann, which makes it 100% compatible with Littmann stethoscopes. However, this does not mean that the Stethoscope Identification Tag is not compatible with other stethoscopes. Most stethoscopes have similar binaural dimensions, which means most identification tags will match them.

Do you have a stethoscope from another brand such as Liberty Health or the American Diagnostics Corporation? To ensure the suitability of our Stethoscope Identification Tags for your stethoscope, you can always drop by at our showroom to view our available identification tags in person. Try before you buy is always an option at Mentone Educational, so do not hesitate to drop by if you want to test the suitability of the Stethoscope Identification Tags.

Can I Obtain the Stethoscope Identification Tag in Different Colours?

Mentone Educational provides the Stethoscope Identification Tag in two colours: black and grey. These colours were selected for a reason, since black and grey tend to be compatible with most binaural colours. So, no matter the colour of your binaurals, pick your favourite colour and enjoy the benefits that come with your own Stethoscope Identification Tag.

What Other Personalisation Options Are Available for My Stethoscope?

Aside from the Stethoscope Identification Tag, there are other cool accessories for stethoscopes available at Mentone Educational. If you want to personalise your stethoscope further with some of our accessories, be sure to check out the various stethoscope accessories at Mentone Educational today.

Can I View Available Stethoscope Accessories in Person?

Are you interested in some of the other stethoscope accessories currently available at Mentone Educational? Medical professionals do not have to limit themselves to viewing these additional accessories on our website, since our showroom staff will be more than happy to show you if you drop by!

Do you need to buy multiple stethoscope accessories for your clinic or hospital? Be sure to drop by at our showroom too! Our range of stethoscope accessories is not only suitable for the individual clinician, it is also suitable for the personalisation of various stethoscopes in a larger medical environment.

Can I Contact Mentone Educational for Questions Regarding the Stethoscope Identification Tag?

Are you loving our latest stethoscope accessories, but find yourself with some additional questions? If you have some additional questions about our Stethoscope Identification Tag, or our stethoscope accessories collection in general, feel free to contact our Mentone Educational team.

Clinicians can contact the Mentone Educational team via telephone during business hours. Cannot contact us during business hours? Use one of the additional contact methods available at Mentone Educational; this includes email and the instant messaging function. We will be more than happy to assist.


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