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Prosphyg 775 Pocket Aneroid Sphyg Adult

Prosphyg 775 Pocket Aneroid Sphyg Adult

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American Diagnostics Corperation

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Prosphyg 775 Pocket Aneroid Sphyg Child

Prosphyg 775 Pocket Aneroid Sphyg Child

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American Diagnostics Corperation

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One of the best-known brands of stethoscopes worldwide is undoubtedly the American Diagnostics Corporation. Their stethoscopes are revered for their quality and unique features, which makes American Diagnostics Corporation stethoscopes a serious consideration for all medical professionals. Want to learn more about stethoscopes from this well-known brand? Be sure to read the information provided by our experienced team below.

What Stethoscope Types Can I Obtain from the American Diagnostics Corporation?

The American Diagnostics Corporation offers a wide variety of stethoscopes for medical professionals. There are dedicated stethoscopes for heart specialists such as cardiology stethoscopes, but also options for general practitioners such as clinician and Sprague stethoscopes.

To determine the best choice for your job, it is recommended to take a thorough look at all your available options. Write down your base requirements before you start looking, and then pick out at least five or six that meet your criteria. By doing so, you always get what you need, but get some extra features on top too!

How Does the American Diagnostics Corporation Test Their Stethoscopes?

All stethoscopes from the American Diagnostics Corporation must go through a rigorous testing process. Each of the parts on the stethoscope is thoroughly tested. These tests are explained in detail below.

Stethoscope Tubing

To ensure the tubing of the stethoscope meets the demands of the modern-day clinician, the American Diagnostics Corporation weighs its tubing with a specially calibrated digital gram scale. By doing so, the company can ensure the proper weight of the tubing, consistent tube thickness, and the highest level of acoustic transmission by eliminating any external noise.

Stethoscope Colour

While it may not be the first thing you think about where stethoscope testing is concerned, the American Diagnostics Corporation does test its stethoscope colour. These tests are done to guarantee the colour of the tubing remains consistent after regular use.

To test stethoscope colour, the American Diagnostics Corporation uses a specialised test which identifies Pantone matching system colours. Once the test is complete, the American Diagnostics Corporation can guarantee that the colour of the tubing will remain consistent over the years.


Since acoustics are most important for stethoscopes, the American Diagnostics Corporation tests acoustics too! Tests are executed on stethoscopes individually, but the company also compares the acoustics of their stethoscopes to other popular stethoscope brands.

To test the acoustics of stethoscopes, the American Diagnostics Corporation uses its own testing equipment. The equipment evaluates stethoscopes on acoustic leakage, sound transmission, diaphragm responsiveness and more. This once again guarantees supreme quality for all stethoscopes from the American Diagnostics Corporation.


Stethoscopes from the American Diagnostics Corporation are known for their convertible chestpieces; this means each of the chestpieces must be thoroughly tested for consistency.

To ensure the best transition from one side of the chestpiece to the other, the American Diagnostics Corporation uses calibrated torque testers. By executing this test, the company can check the proper rotation of the chestpiece, but also the sturdiness of the chestpiece lock.

Ear Tips

The ear tips are tested by the American Diagnostics Corporation too. Each of the Adsoft™ ear tips are tested with a special durometer; this ensures that all the ear tips are soft and comfortable when they are being used by the medical professional in question. The durometer test has an additional function too, since this test also guarantees flexibility in each useable position.

Stethoscope Dimensions

Another aspect of a stethoscope that is often not considered is stethoscope dimension. However, dimension is important for the operation and comfort level of the stethoscope, so this aspect of the equipment must be tested thoroughly too.

To ensure the dimensions of the ADC stethoscope are good, the company uses special callipers to meticulously inspect each of the parts. Not only does this guarantee a good fit for the clinician, it also ensures good use on the patient.

How Do I Maintain a Stethoscope from the American Diagnostics Corporation?

There are some things to consider when you purchase a new stethoscope, because its storage, operation, and maintenance can determine the longevity of your new equipment. Below, you will find some of the guidelines that enable you to get the most from your ADC stethoscope.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

The American Diagnostics Corporation recommends keeping your stethoscope away from extreme temperatures. Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures could damage your stethoscope and issues with tubing. Medical professionals should also keep the stethoscope away from solvents and oils, which could also cause damage to the tubing material or the chestpiece.

Keep Away from Sunlight

Your stethoscope should be stored properly; this means keeping it away from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause premature damage to the tubing, retaining rings and the diaphragms. Therefore, please store the stethoscope in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Cleaning Your Stethoscope

Medical professionals should clean their stethoscope regularly. If your stethoscope is dirty, you can wipe it down with some soapy water. However, never use any abrasive cleaning solutions and ensure all the parts of your stethoscope are dry before using your stethoscope again.

The chestpiece and tubing are not the only things that can be cleaned thoroughly, since the ear tips can be unscrewed from the binaural. By doing so, a more thorough clean is possible. When reassembling your ear tips, please check if they are properly secured to the headset.

Steam sterilisation methods are not recommended for the maintenance of your stethoscope. However, medical professionals can sterilise their stethoscope with a low temperature gas sterilisation; this enables clinicians to still sterilise their stethoscope without damaging it.


Considering the detailed eye for quality upheld by the American Diagnostics Corporation, any stethoscope offered by this brand can be a reliable choice for medical professionals. If you are curious about the various stethoscopes offered by the American Diagnostics Corporation, please refer to the online catalogue at Mentone Educational. Clinicians can also discover ADC stethoscopes at our showroom, so medical professionals can drop by if they wish to discover the range in person.