Get More Familiar with the Highest-Quality Stethoscope Brands

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:14 March 2018 

Being familiar with the best stethoscope brands could help to make the right decision when it comes to your stethoscope upgrade. Today, we introduce our customers to the best stethoscope brands in the world, which includes an overview of all the reasons why you should choose a certain brand over another. So, if you are thinking about a stethoscope upgrade, be sure to read though our overview below.

What Are the Best Stethoscope Brands?

There are three stethoscope brands that stand out head and shoulders above the rest. These brands include the American Diagnostics Corporation, Littmann, and Liberty Health. Each of these brands provide stethoscopes of the highest quality, but also a bunch of additional features that may prove useful on the job. So, checking out each of these brands could certainly benefit you.

Why Is Liberty a Good Stethoscope Brand?

Liberty Health is a stethoscope brand that stands for quality and performance. The brand delivers quality stethoscopes for healthcare professionals, but also for students who are making their way through medical school.

The Liberty Health range of stethoscopes is quite diverse. Liberty Health provides stethoscopes for general practitioners, but also for specialists such as paediatric and neonatal medical professionals. There are also outstanding cardiology stethoscopes for cardiologists and other medical professionals working in the cardiology department.

When you purchase a Liberty Health stethoscope, you can also benefit from their guarantee against manufacturing defects. So, with Liberty Health, you can be sure your stethoscope meets the highest quality standards.

Why Is Littmann a Good Stethoscope Brand?

Littmann is often the preferred choice of clinicians and medical professionals because this brand is undoubtedly the most recognisable and appreciated stethoscope brand in the world. Littmann stethoscopes are known for high acoustic sensitivity, tuneable diaphragm, soft-sealing ear tips, adjustable headsets, next-generation tubing, and a whole lot more.

The Littmann collection of stethoscopes is also quite diverse, since the range contains a lot of classic and specialist stethoscopes. So, whether you are a cardiologist or a general practitioner, you will undoubtedly find the perfect stethoscope in the Littmann stethoscope collection.

Why Is ADC a Good Stethoscope Brand?

Mentone Educational also provides many stethoscopes from the American Diagnostics Corporation. The American Diagnostics Corporation is one of the most recognised manufacturers of diagnostic medical products around the world. However, the company also creates personal instruments and accessories for healthcare professionals.

The American Diagnostics Corporation has been manufacturing equipment for medical professionals for more than thirty years. The company states that value for money is their main concern when it comes to their products, which leads clinicians to find the best stethoscope for an affordable price.

Please note that the medical products from the American Diagnostics Corporation can be marketed under a variety of names; this includes ADC, Medicut, Diagnostix, and many others. If you want to make sure that your equipment is made by the American Diagnostics Corporation, simply head over to our brands section and select the ADC brand to get a full overview of available products.

What Brand Has the Largest Selection of Stethoscopes?

Even though each brand has its advantages, if you are looking for the largest selection of stethoscopes, Littmann might be the brand for you. Littmann stethoscopes are quite diverse and range from classic stethoscopes to cardiology and electronic stethoscopes.

Since Littmann provides specialist stethoscopes, it is certainly a good idea to get more familiar with the characteristics of each one. Below, we have listed the main types of stethoscopes, so you can make an informed decision in the Littmann collection.

The Classic Stethoscopes

Classic stethoscopes from Littmann are a common occurrence in doctor surgeries. They are preferred by general practitioners, but also by nurses.

The Cardiology Stethoscopes

Cardiology stethoscopes provide enhanced acoustics to the specialists who need to hear more during a diagnosis. Of course, the use of cardiology stethoscopes is not limited to specialists, because even general practitioners and nurses use this stethoscope!

Paediatrician Stethoscopes

The chestpiece of a normal stethoscope is too large for paediatric patients and does not provide good contact. Therefore, paediatricians and paediatric nurses will need a stethoscope with a smaller chestpiece. Fortunately, Littmann has a catalogue with many paediatric stethoscopes.

Electronic Stethoscopes

The final option clinicians have in the Littmann range is the electronic stethoscope. The previous stethoscopes were all from the mechanical range, so an electronic stethoscope provides more features than the usual mechanical stethoscope.

With an electronic stethoscope, you can often enhance acoustics (up to twenty-four times for the Littmann Electronic) and even reduce ambient noise. Some of the more advanced models also allow you to record patient sound tracks and listen to them again later. It is also possible to listen remotely through Bluetooth or through the Littmann TeleSteth System. So, this is a stethoscope that should be on your shortlist during your visit.