Choose the Perfect Stethoscope Today by Reading Our Guidelines!

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:14 March 2018 

Choosing the right stethoscope in a sea of possibilities can feel like an impossible task, but we aim to make things easier for you with our useful guide below. With these guidelines, you can determine which stethoscope matches your needs best. So, read on to determine how you can find the perfect stethoscope in our collection today.

How to Choose the Best Stethoscope for You?

Every medical professional can have unique needs when it comes to the functionality of their stethoscope. Some healthcare professionals prefer a stethoscope with the best acoustics, while other medical professionals want a stethoscope that is a little lighter when it hangs around the neck. Therefore, selecting the right equipment means you must determine what the most important quality is in your book.

Before we proceed, we must mention that most stethoscopes come with good acoustics, so when you prioritise a lighter weight for your stethoscope, it does not mean that this stethoscope performs badly where acoustics are concerned. However, there could be heavier stethoscopes out there with slightly better acoustics. This is a prime example of prioritising your most important stethoscope features.

Still, when you browse our collection of stethoscopes, you will quickly notice that the differences between most stethoscope brands and models are quite minor. The only big difference between stethoscopes can be found between the mechanical and the electronic stethoscope, since the electronic stethoscope usually comes with dozens of extra features that cannot be obtained from a mechanical version. Of course, this does not mean that the mechanical stethoscope should not be considered at all, since mechanical stethoscopes are still counted amongst the most popular in the world today.

Which Stethoscope Should a Cardiologist Choose?

Cardiologists usually require a stethoscope with the best acoustics possible. Therefore, most specialists will choose an electronic stethoscope or a mechanical stethoscope with enhanced acoustics; for example, the Littmann Electronic Stethoscope or the Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope.

While most medical professionals have free reign when it comes to the selection of their stethoscope, it is a little different for specialists such as cardiologists and even paediatricians. Their requirements are good sound transmission; this means that a cardiologist needs a stethoscope with enhanced acoustics and a paediatrician a stethoscope with a smaller chestpiece for good auscultation. Subsequently, these specialists must obtain their stethoscope from a range of stethoscopes specifically made for them.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Stethoscope?

As mentioned briefly earlier, a stethoscope choice is always determined by the requirements of the clinician. So, before you choose any type of stethoscope, you must consider the factors that are most important to you.

To ensure you remember all the features the stethoscope must have when you browse our collection, it can help to write down your expectations. Distinguish between features your stethoscope must have and features that would be a nice addition; this can help you decide between various options you have on your shortlist.

Another brilliant way to determine which stethoscope is best for you is by visiting the Mentone Educational showroom. During your visit to our showroom, our experts can show you some of the features of the latest stethoscopes, but you can also test the stethoscopes on the spot. Naturally, this gives you more insight into the possibilities that are available today.

Which Stethoscope Should a Nurse Choose?

Even though there are dedicated stethoscopes for nurses, most nurses choose the same stethoscope as most general practitioners. While nurses usually do not need the advanced acoustics, you will find with cardiology stethoscopes, they could benefit from some of the classic models; for example, the Littmann Classic III Stethoscope.

Many nurses choose a classic stethoscope for the job, but you can always acquire one of the more advanced stethoscopes. Even though the enhanced acoustics are not needed for nurses, the added durability and extra features could prove useful in some situations.

Which Stethoscope Should a Student Choose?

The stethoscope choice of students can be quite different than the choice of graduated clinicians. Even though students could benefit from the enhanced acoustics of advanced stethoscope models, students are usually quite limited where budget is concerned.

However, a reduced budget does not mean that the student must settle for less quality. There are plenty of stethoscopes available that are quite affordable and still provide optimal functionality. One prime example of such a stethoscope is the Littmann Classic III Stethoscope.

The Littmann Classic III Stethoscope provides students with good acoustics as well as versatility. While it may be one of the most affordable stethoscopes, this model certainly does not compromise where quality is concerned.

Not quite sure which stethoscope might fit your studies best? No problem, because you can always get some additional advice from the Mentone Educational team. Contact us today via email, telephone, or chat for further assistance.