Liberty Cardiology Ultrasharp Stethoscope - Black

Clinician and Student Stethoscope

A Professional Cardiology Stethoscope which utilises a clean, modern and smooth ergonomic design for that professional touch.
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Liberty Cardiology Ultrasharp Stethoscope

Designed with a specialy crafted zinc alloy chest to focus sound collecting and conducting, utilisation of electroplating technology make the surface more smooth to touch and effectively resists tarnishing. The length of spring is 60mm in it’s natural state and comfortable to wear. The angle of the ear tube is set at 75°. The audio-conductivity is particularly good. Extra strong A-tube made of PVC have separate sound conducting pathways for the left and right ears.


For more than 50 years, Liberty Health has been manufacturing high-quality medical devices and equipment. Standout products include Liberty Health Stethoscopes designed for students and medical professionals. Mentone Educational, Australia’s premier health education equipment supplier, showcases the best of progressive medical technology, including the Liberty Cardiology Ultrasharp Stethoscope created for superior acoustic performance. Ergonomic design facilitates ease of use and comfort for both doctor and patient, resulting in exacting diagnosis with every use.

The Liberty Cardiology Ultrasharp Stethoscope is sleek, stylish and very professional, utilising a purpose-designed zinc alloy chest piece, flexible and strong tube and exceptional audio-conductivity. The seamless black tube colour and polished metal components result in a Cardiology Ultrasharp Stethoscope that looks great and functions optimally for the best possible medical results. Mentone Educational provides the highest quality devices for students and doctors wanting to take the next step in medical excellence.

What makes the Liberty Cardiology Stethoscope different?

Cardiology stethoscopes are specially designed for use in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. The Liberty Cardiology Ultrasharp Stethoscope provides broader hearing range in both low and high frequencies, even detecting blood pumping through the heart chambers and valves. Specific sounds such as murmurs and clicks are detected, providing far greater capacity for accurate diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular problems. The short, thick tube associated with cardiology stethoscopes allows improved transmission for listening to a wide variety of sounds. Liberty Cardiology Ultrasharp Stethoscope features include:

  • Separate sound conducting pathways for targeted sound transmission to both ears
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and convenient use
  • Silicone ear tips providing clear acoustic performance
  • Attractive, long-lasting components

Why is the Liberty Ultrasharp a good student stethoscope?

Training the ears to accurately identify cardiovascular functions takes practise and perseverance. Fortunately, progressive medical science includes stethoscopes tailored for specific uses, including cardiovascular examination, with the Liberty Cardiology Ultrasharp Stethoscope an extremely popular Mentone Educational introduction. The Liberty Ultrasharp Stethoscope utilises electroplating technology to resist tarnishing and create a smooth surface for greater audio conductivity, accurate medical diagnosis and improved user comfort.

Affordably priced for students, the Liberty Cardiology Ultrasharp Stethoscope is a hard-wearing device favoured by medical professionals and nurses around the country. Design principles provide comfort and convenience for both patient and doctor, along with optimum capacity for accurate diagnosis of wide-ranging heart conditions. The two-in-one sound conduction system further enhances user capacity, allowing students to attain outstanding medical capabilities and confidence in their decision making.

What other cardiology stethoscope considerations are important?

Mentone Educational provides state of the art medical equipment, devices and learning tools for use by medical students, nurses and doctors. The products are all manufactured by highly reputable medical suppliers with decades of industry experience. Saving lives is a serious business best served by stethoscopes that perform consistently and accurately every time. Liberty Health stethoscopes are the result of dedicated medical science coupled with a discerning desire to provide the highest-quality health care attainments for students and professionals.

Mentone Educational supports Liberty Health ideals, including the ‘Liberty Health Seal of Quality’, ensuring your product is free from manufacturing or material faults. Liberty Health offers an unconditional guarantee against any manufacturing defects, along with design considerations that set their products apart from the competition. Latex-free tubing is used, while the earpiece spring is softly flexible, with the 75° ear tube angle ergonomically designed for comfort. Sensitive ears are protected by the internal benched design, facilitating clear audio signals and an undistracted mind for providing an accurate and appropriate medical treatment pathway.

The role of stethoscopes has expanded to match applicable uses, with the Liberty Cardiology Ultrasharp Stethoscope filling a valuable niche in modern Australian medical training and practice.


  • Professional cardiology stethoscope
  • Ergonomic and unique design
  • Two-in-one tube system for improved sound conduction
  • Comfortable and flexible binaural
  • Silicone ear tips make the auscultation clearer
  • Warranty: 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • ​This stethoscope for sale offered by Mentone Educational is a fantastic tool for students learning or practicing doctors or nurses
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