Liberty Classic Tunable Stethoscope - Black

The most popular Doctor's and Nurse's Stethoscope

The definitive doctors and nurses stethoscope.
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Discover the Most Popular Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope in Black!

Some stethoscopes are more popular amongst physicians and doctors than others. One high-performance stethoscope that is most popular amongst nurses and doctors is the Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope in Black. Curious what the benefits are of this stethoscope and why it is so popular? Find out below!

What Makes the Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope Different Compared to Other Classic Stethoscopes?

The Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope features a new and innovative design. The overall design of this stethoscope consists of a light, non-corrosive titanium; this ensures the durability of the Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope.

In addition to being made from non-corrosive titanium, the innovative design of the Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope includes some other features that make this stethoscope more functional than average models. Some of these other features include- the super-flex binaural tubing assembly, colour-coordinated plastic retaining, and non-chill rings.

Finally, the Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope also stands out from other models thanks to the innovative pressure-sensitive diaphragm, which allows for easier and more accurate diagnosis. The Liberty model also includes advanced ear tips, which makes wearing the stethoscope and using it a lot more convenient and comfortable for medical professionals.

What Is a Pressure-Sensitive Diaphragm and How Could It Help Medical Professional and Patients?

A pressure-sensitive diaphragm is a new part added to a stethoscope to provide medical professionals with the means for a more convenience and accurate diagnosis; this includes a diagnosis in a busy hospital environment. With a pressure-sensitive diaphragm, medical professionals can clearly hear high and low frequencies, but without having to change sides; this is usually done when using a standard stethoscope. Subsequently, it is expected that these advanced stethoscopes will become the new standard in the future.

How Should I Maintain the Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope While on the Job?

Once you have a piece of advanced equipment such as the Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope, it is essential to take good care of your new equipment. Fortunately, maintaining the Classic Tuneable Stethoscope is quite easy and quick.

To disinfect your new stethoscope, simply wipe it down with an alcohol solution containing 70% isopropyl. However, it is important not to submerge or immerge your new stethoscope into a liquid, or put it through a sterilisation process. The Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope is durable, but it is susceptible to harsh cleaning methods.

While the Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope is in use, please make sure you keep it away from environments and situations involving extreme heat, cold, solvents, or oils. However, medical professionals can clean the surface of the stethoscope by first removing tuneable diaphragms. Then, simply clean the surface with some alcohol or some soapy water. After cleaning, make sure that everything is dried before you reassemble the Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope.

Does Mentone Educational Provide Dedicated Stethoscopes for Cardiology?

Stethoscopes for cardiology need to be more powerful than a standard stethoscope used by nurses or medical professionals in other units. Therefore, specialists and nurses in a cardiology unit will be required to have a dedicated cardiology stethoscope, which allows for more accurate diagnosis.

At Mentone Educational, medical professionals can find countless stethoscopes specifically designed for cardiology. These stethoscopes are obtained from well-known brands such as Littmann and provide special advanced features such as softer ear tips, dual lumen tubing, replaceable headsets, and advanced acoustics that could more accurately detect murmurs, clicks, and rubs.

Does Mentone Educational Provide Stethoscopes for Paediatric Nurses and Doctors?

There is a suitable stethoscope for every type of medical professional at Mentone Educational; this includes nurses and doctors working at a paediatric unit. Naturally, stethoscopes used on infants are quite different than the ones used on adults. However, medical professionals can get a combination of both, where one side is used for infants and the other side for adults. Of course, there are stethoscopes in our range that are just used for infants too.

What Other Specialised Stethoscopes Are Available at Mentone Educational?

In addition to cardiology and paediatric, there are many other specialised stethoscopes available at Mentone Educational. Some of the additional options include electronic stethoscopes, classic stethoscopes, stethoscopes for nurses, lightweight stethoscopes and veterinary stethoscopes. For more information about these other stethoscopes, please head over to the main menu and select ‘stethoscopes’ to get a full overview of all available options.

Where Can I Get Some Advice on Stethoscopes Available at Mentone Educational?

Medical professionals or teachers who would like some advice on their stethoscope purchase can always count on the Mentone Educational team. Our team is fully familiar with the range of stethoscopes, and could provide you with some recommendations based on your needs. To get some advice from these professionals, simply chat with us through the live chat function, give us a call, or visit our showroom for face-to-face assistance.


This Dual head professional stethoscope provides superior acoustic sensitivity and pressure sensitive diaphragm. Built with a high performance stainless steel chest piece is at the top of its class. The definitive doctors stethoscope.

New and Innovative Stethoscope

Light non-corrosive titanium design features “Superflex” binaural tubing assembly, colour coordinated plastic retaining, and non-chill rings. Complete with the innovate pressure sensitive diaphragm and advanced ear tip.

Pressure Sensitive Diaphragm

This new design offers a pressure sensitive diagnosis, allowing clearer diagnosis of both high and low frequency sounds without having to change sides, as with standard stethoscopes.

Advanced Soft Eartip

With its patented two-layered design, this model is extra flexible for added comfort.


“Superflex” deluxe stainless inner spring binaural assembly with ear tip.

  • Tunable diaphragm
  • Innovative design
  • Optimum acoustic performance
  • Finest craft finish
  • Multi patents
  • Soft ear tips
  • Chest piece with non-chill ring
  • Latex Free
  • 5 year warranty
  • Free name tag with each stethoscope
  • Free spare ear tips and diaphragm
  • Professionally packaged in a cardboard box
Brand Liberty
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