Uncover the Detailed Benefits of Littman’s Stethoscope Features!

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:9 March 2018 

Littmann has become a stalwart for many medical professionals working in surgeries, clinics, and hospitals. But why are Littmann stethoscopes so popular amongst medical professionals? If you are not yet familiar with stethoscopes from this brand and want to learn more, be sure to read through the information below.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Littmann Stethoscope?

Most medical professionals choose Littmann stethoscopes because of their outstanding acoustics. The unique design of the stethoscope ensures proper sound transmission, but also a reduction of ambient noise! Each Littmann stethoscope also has an optimised chestpiece, which ensures optimal contact for each physical examination.

Of course, there are many other benefits that make Littmann stethoscopes special. Aside from the outstanding acoustics, medical professionals can count on soft-sealing ear tips, tuneable auscultation, adjustable headsets, and next-generation tubing. Below, we have explained these fantastic benefits in more detail.

What Are the Benefits of Soft-Sealing Ear Tips?

Soft-sealing ear tips provide many advantages for clinicians, because they can improve sound transmission, reduce ambient noise, but also increase the comfort level of the stethoscope while it is being used!

The soft-sealing ear tips on the headset of Littmann stethoscopes align perfectly with the ears of the clinician. This alignment makes the ear tips comfortable in the ears, but also ensures that the sound is transmitted perfectly from the chestpiece to the ears.

Of course, the patented technology on the ear tips itself creates an acoustic seal of its own. Once again, this improves the sound transmission during an examination, but also reduces ambient noise that is commonly experienced in medical environments.

What Are the Benefits of Tuneable Auscultation?

Most Littmann stethoscopes now come with so-called tuneable auscultation; this means that the chestpiece does not have to be turned to distinguish between low frequency and high frequency sounds.

The tuneable auscultation can be found on the chestpiece of the Littmann stethoscope. By adjusting the pressure on the chestpiece, clinicians can detect either low or high frequency sounds. To detect low frequencies, the clinician only needs to apply a light pressure. If the clinician wants to detect high frequencies, a firmer pressure on the chestpiece is required.

Of course, tuneable technology does not mean that all Littmann stethoscopes are single-sided. Some Littmann stethoscopes come with a dual-sided chestpiece; this combination usually includes a diaphragm for adults and one for children. In some cases, the children’s diaphragm also covers an open bell.

What Are the Benefits of an Adjustable Headset?

Littmann stethoscopes usually come with an adjustable headset. The adjustable headset can have benefits for the acoustics during a physical examination, but its main benefit is the comfort level of the clinician while using the stethoscope.

Everyone is unique, so this also applies to the shape and size of the head. It can be difficult for clinicians to find a headset that fits their head perfectly; this is one of the reasons why Littmann chose a headset with an anatomical design, but also one that can be increased or decreased in size.

To increase the size of the Littmann stethoscope headset, clinicians should grab each tube with one hand. Then, the tubes can be gently pulled apart until the desired headset size is obtained. To decrease the size, clinicians can grab the tubes of the headset with one hand and press until the headset decreases to the desired size. Naturally, the ability to decrease and increase the size ensures that each Littmann stethoscope feels like an extension of the clinician’s body.

What Are the Benefits of Next-Generation Tubing?

The final major benefit of next-generation tubing is undoubtedly next-generation tubing; this is a compound characteristically used for the tubes of Littmann stethoscopes.

Next-generation tubing is quite different from most materials used in stethoscopes. Firstly, the tubing material is completely free of latex and phthalates. Not only does this make the tubing material more environmentally-friendly, it also ensures the tubing is safe to use on patients with a latex allergy.

We must also mention that next-generation tubing is remarkably strong! The compound is more resistant against alcohol and skin oils, and since these are materials you can find commonly in medical environments, it can only benefit the lifespan of your Littmann stethoscope!

Where Can I Go with Questions About the Benefits of Littmann Stethoscopes?

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