Liberty Classic Tunable Stethoscope - Royal Blue

The most popular Doctor's and Nurse's stethoscope

The definitive doctors and nurses stethoscope.
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Find Out More About the Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope at Mentone Educational!

Mentone Educational provides many specialised stethoscopes for nurses and general practitioners. Naturally, the requirements of medical professionals for their stethoscope may vary by the specific field they work in. However, there are some all-round stethoscopes that perform great in various medical environments.

One of the high-performance stethoscopes that is always an option for nurses and general practitioners is the Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope. Want to learn more about this stethoscope from Mentone Educational? Find out more below!

What Makes the Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope Stand Out from Other Popular Stethoscopes?

The Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope is designed to provide superior acoustic sensitivity; this through the overall design of the stethoscope, but also through a pressure-sensitive diaphragm. Therefore, this stethoscope is often the preferred choice for general practitioners and nurses thanks to its advanced features.

What Can You Tell Me About the Design of the Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope?

Our Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope has a design that ensures more durability and functionality. The stethoscope is made with a light yet non-corrosive titanium, which includes the so-called ‘Super-flex’ binaural tubing assembly.

The Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope is stylish as well as functional. In addition to being made from non-corrosive titanium, the stethoscope also has colour-coordinated plastic retaining. If you choose a unique colour, then it is easy to spot your stethoscope amongst countless others that could be used in a hospital or surgery.

We must also mention that the Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope is equipped with non-chill rings; this makes being examined more comfortable for patients. Subsequently, nurses and general practitioners often prefer to use this Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope in their profession.

What Makes a Pressure-Sensitive Diaphragm Better for the Diagnosis of Patients?

Having a pressure-sensitive diaphragm on your stethoscope can have some advantages for diagnosis, because a pressure-sensitive diaphragm enables medical professionals to clearly hear high and low frequency sounds without having to change sides on the stethoscope; this opposed to standards stethoscopes.

How Do I Know If the Liberty Classic Tuneable Stethoscope Is the Right Stethoscope for Me?

Choosing the right stethoscope often comes down to finding the stethoscope that matches your requirements. It is not always about finding the stethoscope with the most features, or the most expensive stethoscope for that matter, it is about finding something that matches your profession perfectly. For example, nurses and doctors working in hospitals often need a lighter stethoscope, since they must wear it around their neck for longer periods.

Depending on your needs, you could evaluate a stethoscope by its weight, price, durability, and overall features. If you are looking for maximum durability, it is best to choose a stethoscope that is a little heavier, since they are a little sturdier than the lightweight options. However, if you are looking for a stethoscope that is more comfortable to wear around your neck for longer periods, then it is better to choose a lightweight version.

What Other Stethoscopes Are Available for Medical Professionals at Mentone Educational?

At Mentone Educational, medical professionals can find countless stethoscopes suitable for their profession. All these stethoscopes can be seen by heading over to the ‘stethoscopes’ section on the main menu.

When you visit our ‘stethoscopes’ section, you can find numerous options, since all available stethoscopes are divided into different categories; this includes lightweight, cardiology, classic, electronic, nurses, veterinary, and paediatric.

What Premium Brands of Stethoscopes Can I Get at Mentone Educational?

To guarantee that medical professionals receive the best medical supplies and medical equipment, we focus on obtaining only the best brands for our range of stethoscopes. Therefore, customers can count on brands such as the American Diagnostics Corporation, Liberty Health, and Littmann.

Medical professionals who browse our different brands should know that each brand has some distinct characteristics when it comes to stethoscopes. For example, the American Diagnostics is a brand that focusses on trainee doctors, nurses, and veterinary students, while Liberty is focussed on providing stethoscopes for medical professionals in hospitals and doctor practices. Even though each of these brands provides a suitable stethoscope for each professional, it is always best to go with the specialist to ensure the stethoscope meets your requirements.

Can I Get Some Assistance from Mentone Educational to Choose a Stethoscope?

Are you having problems deciding on a stethoscope to match your profession or your studies? If so, you can get some assistance from the expert team at Mentone educational, who is fully familiar with the range!

To contact Mentone Educational, medical professionals get to choose from different contact methods. Medical professionals interested in obtaining a stethoscope from Mentone Educational can contact us by live chat, but also via telephone or email. You could also visit one of our showrooms, and get some advice from our expert team face-to-face.


  • Tunable diaphragm
  • Innovative design
  • Optimum acoustic performance
  • Finest craft finish
  • Multi patents
  • Soft ear tips
  • Chest piece with non-chill ring
  • Latex Free
  • 5 year warranty
  • Free name tag with each stethoscope
  • Free spare ear tips and diaphragm
  • Professionally packaged in a cardboard box
Brand Liberty
Unit Of Measure ea
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